Learn to Sing— How to control the exhale for singing (breath control)

More info at www.learntosingbetterfast.com, but this is a fast description of what ails most singer: using too much air to support the tone. Here are two Quick Fixes that really work to show your body how much air to use!

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21 thoughts on “Learn to Sing— How to control the exhale for singing (breath control)”

  1. you are the best here on youtube, and probably anywhere also, thank you. i really want to sing, need all the help i can get.

  2. What’s a good way to tackle high notes? Breathe more/less? I’m having a hard time hitting higher notes with my voice range. When I sing popular songs it seems I’m better at singing songs by guys than girl artist because it’s lower but I think I get scared of trying to hit it because I’m going to mess up so I try hitting it in a quiet voice so no one hears if I mess up But then when i try louder I just mess up anyways. Any tips, please?

  3. The funny thing about singing higher notes is: they take less air. It’s natural to worry about going up because there is a “shift” point where the vocal cords have to thin and shorten. This happens without you doing anything—practice doing “siren” sounds up and down–and use less air. Also “beeps” in a baby voice–this helps too!

  4. Well, you probably sing arias, right? You know it takes a lot of breath, both for support (holding it back) and for the notes. I find myself that I have to experiment with each note and the requirements are different for each one…less air definitely is better for my higher notes, but the energy and lower body support is much more.

  5. Thank you! Yes Thank you for your videos! Do you know the Buteyko breathing method…We supposedly breath way too much 🙂

  6. I has asthma so my lung capacity is only 60% of everyone else’s… so as i sing i actually do the opposite and use too little air as i guess my mind tries to compensate… What would be a good way to help with that?

  7. You could still be using too much air to compensate, you’re right. Try saying the word “Awesome!” (in my new video) to get the idea of how much cord pressure to use, and that will help with the air. I’ve had students get better with their asthma when they study singing—good luck!

  8. Yes, wavular is correct, Jill is very blessed, outrageously good looking! Just as much, excellent, super teacher, appreciate your instruction!

  9. THANK YOU for this. I’m a voice coach too and have been trying to work on this with a couple of my students but didn’t have an exercise that really helped. Most breathing exercises seem to encourage heavy expelation (not sure that’s a real word) of breath, which is counterproductive as soon as you actually apply tone to it. Appreciate these exercises!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...