Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Gives Singing Lessons On How To Sing ShineDown – Brent Smith

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43 thoughts on “Learn How To Sing / SHINE DOWN – BRENT SMITH”

  1. Wow some of you guys sound like an episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey
    (minus the magical fake boobs of course). Anyway, Brent Smith is an
    incredible singer, and his rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man is
    amazing. One does not simply sing exactl like Brent Smith, or anyone for
    that matter how glad I am that this is true for all good singers. We all
    have our own voices, nonetheless, singers like Ken Tamplin can sing a lot
    like just about anyone. Nonetheless thank God that we all have that very
    unique and personal sound that is like a fingerprint. It makes us human, it
    makes us unique, and it makes us true artists. Great job breaking this one
    down Mr. Tamplin, your vocal training program is my new religion, and I do
    thank you for your amazing talent and teachings.

  2. Traveltheseas12

    You do know simple man is a cover right? Cause you keep saying things that
    imply you’ve never heard the original version which would just be shocking
    for a music teacher

  3. Traveltheseas12

    All good no apologies I didn’t read it all!! You are a great singer though
    wish I had all those techniques ESP. When you only sing on radio ahows and
    sometimes whoever I’m on your with! 

  4. You think he wrote the words to simple man????? Seriously? I liked your
    videos until then…ohh well. I think music history 101 would do you some

  5. Ken, do you know who Scott Hoying is? He is a member from the group
    Pentatonix and I wanted to get your opinion on him. He actually kind of
    sounds like you but, not quite as powerful. Although he does belt with a
    lot of chest-i-ness like you. He’s probably my favorite singer right now.

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  7. Wow, very in depth analysis. The points you bring up and how the style of
    vocals is achieved…just makes sense like slap to the head “why didnt I
    get that before”?
    Much fun and…..educational:)

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  9. Hi Ken!

    What happened to Brent’s voice. He used playback in concerts, was extremely
    flat on high notes and EVEN dodge the high notes in the past years..

  10. Ken, I dearly appreciate your program.
    I am 19 and unfortunately have a terrible singing voice. I try everything
    but I still sound like I am trying too hard. I sound breathy and I sound
    out of pitch on everything. It sounds good in my head but when I record, I
    sound as bad as anyone on those talent reality shows…..HELP ME!? I have
    always been into Andy Biersack’s voice. Specifically the song “In the end”.
    He sounds similar to Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, but done better. I would
    like to sing with that rasp and scratchy style without sounding like a
    dying mule or without killing my voice. Can you help me?

  11. Ken thanks you have helped me so much! I have been singing for over ten
    years but never pushed myself to get lessons (well once or twice) enough.
    Now I realize knowledge is power and will save me so much more time and
    stress. Hope to learn your course!

  12. This is so great, only thing i have to complain about is that he said that
    Shinedown wrote “simple man” even though it was just a cover of a Lynyrd
    Skynyrd. Aside from that, amazing lesson. 

  13. Ken, it sounds like you focus a lot of the tone behind your nose/vocal
    mask. Is that a conscious thing you do in terms of placement?

  14. Forever Jumpers Parkour

    Hello Ken, I am Brazilian and I live inside where there is no singing
    lessons, really wanted a teacher like you, congratulations! :(

  15. Very interesting an informative… found your comments on the “e” part of
    “Simple Man” interesting, obviously this doesn’t suggest he can reproduce
    it but in this live recording (in someones living room ironically) he seems
    to pull it off:

    Probably my favorite recording of him by the way (along with the other
    songs recorded in that persons living room)

  16. If you listen to how David Dramen from Disturbed use to song you’ll notice
    he use to do the grunt in his songs. He no longer can do that anymore.
    He destroyed his chords.

  17. Simple Man is a Lynyrd Skynyrd song. I agree that Shinedown has some great
    music and I actually prefer their cover version of the song, but I had to
    give credit where credit is due. Thank you for this and all your videos!

  18. just so you guys know shinedown didn’t write simple man it was a band
    called lynyrd skynyrd it dates back to 1975 I think could be a couple
    before but still it is one of my all time favourite songs the shinedown
    version that is and I cannot wait to see the guys live alongside black
    stone cherry and halestorm in February looking forward to it

  19. Christopher Hester

    While he does track it more than once, Brent DOES have that power to his
    voice live. Pretty good video though, I definitely picked up some tips. A
    lot of his power though comes from extending his words beyond some of what
    was in this video.

  20. Mrsingingdude1

    I would have to agree with their lyrics, very deep and beautiful. I
    honestly believe that in the beginning of his career, he had one of the
    best rock voices of all time. drugs and alcohol took over house life and
    took and absolutely magical voice from us

  21. I certainly plan on watching more of your stuff.I was reading through the
    threads here and perhaps missed something,but I was hoping you were going
    to get to the high note on simple man which I believe is the C above middle
    C. I really enjoy Brents singing but have yet to find a live version with
    this note on simple man. I am still struggling with singing A4 without a
    problem and just recently started to work on my voice. I am aware also of a
    version of simple man that someone has linked here where he is playing in
    someones house,but it is dropped down a whole step.Either way,I am sure I
    missed something and will surely be checking out more of your stuff,but
    yah,if anyone could link a live version of that “is it called a tenor high
    c?” note from a live simple man,.that’d be great :)

  22. Here he was primarily involved in accompanying pupils’ exams and recitals but he also taught theory and gave additional coaching in piano and singing where required.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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