Learn how to sing higher with prosinginglessons.com

Part two of how to sing higher from prosinginglessons.com teaches you how to build you vocal range with this great vocal technique.

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  1. prosinginglessons

    Sing Like A Pro is designed for specifically for singing, but it’s vocal training, so some techniques can be carried over to your speaking voice. Projection, enunciation, breathing, that sort of thing. Hope that helps!

  2. prosinginglessons

    Hi there, thanks for the compliments!

    An easy way to loosen your throat is to try singing with a slight feeling of a yawn in the back of your throat… basically what I mean is to drop your voice box a little bit. That will give you an immediate fix, but for long term you can train your voice to stay open better by singing scales to the word “hung”, with the emphasis on the “ng” sound, not the vowel sound. Lip rolls work well too. Hope that helps!


  3. prosinginglessons

    Hi there, I’ll have a look at it today and send you a message about it. I’ll gt back to you soon!


  4. prosinginglessons

    You are too funny! Of course it’s psychological! I never said the muscles in your face are connected to your cords so of course, this technique is used to help a singer reach the high notes they already have with less strain.

    Classical teachers all over the world teach singers to hold their faces this way, because it works.

    Try singing a high note with your face completely “down”. Then try to sing that with your eyebrows and cheeks lifted up with a slight smile…. I bet it comes out nicer.

  5. prosinginglessons

    I think that a slight feeling of a smile can enhance tone without compromise as long as its only slight.

    Im personally acquainted with teachers around the world who teach this. I believe using what works for you personally is best; singers have different vocal needs and not one technique will necessarily work for all.

    My program advises to experiment and use what works best. I have many students that love this technique, but of course I acknowledge that not everyone will.

    Thank you.

  6. i Love singing.. my sister said i sing well.. but when i face other people.. i get so scared and nervous.. that almost no one can hear me sing..
    and when i record my voice and sing.. i think i sound SO NOT WELL!! help me!

  7. prosinginglessons

    Well, often people don’t like the way they sound when they record at first, because it’s different than what we hear in our heads!

    Something that can help with nervousness is just to be as well prepared as you can possibly be, and that means to practice and practice and practice some more. The more times you repeat something, the more comfortable you’ll become with it. 🙂 So practice as much as you can!


  8. theoneandonlymeyupyu

    hey do you mind if i ask you a question of singing
    in head voice, should you feel like your releasing
    your head voice as it keeps going up, like the throat is opening up or should it feel like your
    pushing up?
    thanks appreciate help

  9. prosinginglessons

    Hi there,

    It shouldn’t feel like you’re are pushing or pulling on your voice at all. “releasing” is a good word to describe how it should be done, because essentially you are “allowing” yourself to sing in head voice. Once you realize you have it, you have to remember to allow yourself to use it instead of pulling or pushing on your chest voice. There should be an easy, smooth transition from chest voice to head voice as you move though your bridge.

    Hope that helps!

  10. prosinginglessons


    I just replied on your other comment, I can’t really tell you without having heard you. Vocal classification is based on what your voice sounds like singing in certain pitches, not based on how big your range is.

  11. prosinginglessons

    Yes, absolutely I think you could do it… it will take work on your part, singing scales regularly and using techniques to make them sound right, but I think it’s possible. I haven’t’ heard your specific voice so sometimes it’s tough to say, but with work most people can add several notes to their ranges.

    Hope that helps!


  12. hello i was wondering what helps you sing higher i am trying to sing a high note that pretty much everyone can get to like sonny moore from. from first to last look at the video ride the wings of pestilence is a perfect example its that very very high note that he hits i want to sing that high so bad

  13. This really helped, but now I have a problem.
    I can sing pretty high, but I keep skipping notes whenever I try to sing like, do re mi fa etc, how can I stop myself?
    It comes to the point where I’ve found myself using my whistle register at the very end.
    I’m a soprano… Can you help?

  14. i am a baritone and i can go in chest voice until the E4
    i cant go any higher, if i try to, my voice breaks into falsetto
    i think the cause is that the notes from C#4-E4 are very squeezed and yelling if i try to sing them
    so i can go until c#4 without hurting my voice but higher will hurt
    do you know what the reason is?

  15. prosinginglessons

    @vocaltutorexercises No no, lifting your eyebrows and cheeks doesn’t make you sing higher, it helps the sound to come out nicer so your high notes sound better Try it. Sing a high note with your face held normally, then sing the same note with your face “lifted” up. It sounds better the second way. Just a way to help your high notes come out cleaner. The only thing that will physically add notes to your range are scales, but this technique (and others) will make them sound much more polished.

  16. My chorus teacher told me to do this and I seen a lot of famous people do it i think it will help to so I don’t think u will look stupid as much just don’t go overboard

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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