Learn How To Sing Despacito- Part 2

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First part-

Here is the simplified lyrics of 2nd part…

site pitum biso ve daamblo
yo se keta pensaandlo
levo tim peete daandlo
mami tyo daando daandlo

saabe k tu koraaso conmigo taase bung bung
saabe k sa veva ta bukaando demi bung bung

ve preba demi boka para varko mote saave
kero kero kero varkanto aamora ti te kaa bey
yono dengo prisa yaami kero daar ilwaa he
empe saamu lento dep u saalwaa he

pasito pasito swaave swaave sito nova me pegaando pokito pokito
kwono tume besaas, konesa dis treza,
viquri maalisia kondeli kaadesa

pasito pasito swaave swaave sito nova me pegaando pokito pokito
yekesa veleza, humr beka veza,
peropa montaarlo kitin gola peza…Oh Yeah!

kero resipirar tu quesho despacito
deha ke te diga cosas al oido
paara k te kardes sinostaas conmigo…

This is how we do it down in Porto Rico
I just wanna hear u screeming aay bandito
I can move forever konduste contigo…


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  1. You deserve more subs and likes I bet you a lot of people are looking for this video I was sure looking for a while!

  2. Princess Anne Pereña

    I’ve been working on this song for a week now… with this video I think I’m gonna slay it now LOL

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