KLAI IN THE RECORDING STUDIO?!! | Voice Lessons with Nadia Khristean

Nadia Khristean gives Klai a voice lesson & Klai goes to the recording studio…can you guess for what?! Subscribe: Watch more:

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Today was a random day. Shae made breakfast for everybody. Nadia Khristean came over and gave Klai a voice lesson, she will start real voice lessons very soon. Then Klai, Mom, Dad & Rykel went to the recording studio. We are super excited to release something big VERY SOON! you guys are going to love it! Can you guess what it is?

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40 thoughts on “KLAI IN THE RECORDING STUDIO?!! | Voice Lessons with Nadia Khristean”

  1. Makayla Behan

    In the description it says why did Kali have voice lessons i think it is cause ye said ye were uploading music videos

  2. Sunflower_ Denise11

    I always wanted to be a singer but whenever I sing my brother says I have a horrible voiceπŸ˜” I keep practicing but I still sound the same!πŸ˜” I joined choir for middle school. But I think I’ll sound horrible. Klai you have a beautiful voice and if you want to be a singer dream dreams.✨ I wish I had a beautiful voice like yours!πŸ˜€πŸ’– Love this channel and you guys!β€βœ¨πŸ’–

  3. Klai has a good voice πŸ˜€ enjoy it, at least you can sing a song without getting all eyes on you with ugly faces :v Pd: you should do covers !!!!!

  4. klai can’t dance and it’s stanky leg but happy she doing singing class I’m doing them.to and trying to audition for America’s got talent and the voice

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