Josh Dion: The Art Of Singing & Drumming (FULL DRUM LESSON) – Drumeo

Singing and drumming simultaneously is a topic that isn’t often covered in the drum education realm. One person taking care of both the melody and rhythm isn’t something that’s usually done.

Thankfully Josh Dion, one of the best in the business at doing just this, came to Drumeo to share his wisdom on the topic. Josh is the definition of a “one man band”. He plays drums, sings, AND plays keyboard all at the same time. Talk about killer independence.

In this lesson, Josh will teach you how to develop the skills to sing and drum at the same time with greater ease.

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0:39 – Improv.
3:08 – Introduction
7:48 – Why bother with singing AND drumming?
10:02 – Where to start?
28:50 – SONG: “A Vision Complete” by Paris Monster
33:22 – Tips On Breathing
53:15 – Improv.

About Josh:
Josh Dion is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, keyboard, and sings all at the same time! He started to play professionally at the young age of eight and was invited to play with the UConn Jazz Studies program by the time he was twelve. Josh has recorded and/or performed with artists such as Candy Dulfer, Spyro Gyra, Will Lee, Pat Martino, Jeff Kashiwa, Jason Miles, Anthony Jackson, Edgar Winter, Randy Brecker, Bob James, Eric Marienthal, Til Bronner, Jim Beard, Ivan Lins, and many others. Currently, he’s apart of a duo named “Paris Monster” consisting of himself and bandmate Geoff Kraly.

Josh Plays:
Yamaha Drums
Meinl Cymbals
Evans Drumheads

33 thoughts on “Josh Dion: The Art Of Singing & Drumming (FULL DRUM LESSON) – Drumeo”

  1. Achintya Sharma

    Second , I thought it was Josh Dun , but nevertheless, Josh Dion is a very creative , multi-skilled , amazing man ! Singing , playing electronics and drums at the same time needs a lot of discipline , control and balance , and he has mastered it by doing these three things at the same time !

  2. Really cool. The emotion in the singing can match exactly to the emotion in the drumming like this. This can’t be done with a separate drummer and singer!

    1. You have to build independence just as you do between your arms and legs. In the end it’s just another set of muscles so you can almost see it as as a third arm or leg being integrated into your playing. This means ofcourse that you have to start slow and don’t try to sing an entire song right away. Cut it into small parts, maybe take away the snare or kick and add it after you got the singing down for that particular section 😉 Hope that helps!

  3. Joe Villagrana

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