40 thoughts on “Jerry Lewis (The Patsy – Singing Lesson)”

  1. I missed all of this funny stuff when I was a kid –I needed to be older to
    catch all the brilliance of this. The double doors! The uncomfortable
    chairs/couch. Jerry is a god!

  2. Every time I watch this, I think to myself – how many statues actually hit
    the ground before he caught em all- I love Jerry!! He’s the greatest,
    sexiest, funniest man I’ve ever seen. His youth seems to be eternal, and no
    matter how old he is/gets I’ll always see his face as the gorgeous 24 year
    old on CCH.

  3. my favorite is the “EEEEEEE” part…his facecual expression is priceless,
    everything my teacher plays a note on the piano and its an E i do the exact
    same thing XD

  4. @dhager850 In the documentary, Method to his madness, he said he went
    through 500 vases and so called “things of art. Whenever, one would the
    propety departmen would just make some more.

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  6. I find it fascinating when people say things like “Tears coming out”
    “funniest part”. I don’t find it very funny but rather fascinating watching
    and marveling at the technical setup of pulling off such a scene with the
    timing of the vases….what part brought tears? I only chuckled at best at
    the piano portion…and liked the part where the teacher stands abruptly up
    leaving Jerry’s face in his belly…Jerry played it sooooo good….but it
    does not bring tears just chuckles.

  7. But then it’s not the guh? that lowers it. What lowers the larynx are the muscles that actually lower the larynx, but that you will likely never be able to isolate and become aware of however many guh, guh scales you sing.

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