INCREDIBLE Singing Transformation Video

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This is a video of my decade-long journey through vocal training and singing lessons that have lead to me to where I am now with my voice. I hope, if nothing else, this video inspires some of you to continue on your journey to vocal mastery. Just when you think to give up, push on!

103 thoughts on “INCREDIBLE Singing Transformation Video”

  1. Truly inspirational!! I’ve always wanted to learn how to sing but I’m afraid it’s too late coz I’m like 33. And my voice sounds so low when I sing. When I sing karaoke I even have a hard time singing in the range of most male singers.. will vocal lessons change this entirely? Just wondering the possibilities..

    1. Adam Mishan can you tell me how bad I am too. lol. I have a random clip. I can send of me just messing around. lol.

  2. I’m a year and a half into signing lessons. I’m working hard to get to my vocal goals, this is defiantly needed right now!

    1. I improved by taking singing lessons with about 6 different coaches through the years and using every at home singing program known to man lol!

  3. lista ejercicios fitnes

    woooooww your amazing, i want to changue my voice to sing but i dont now how star when i saw this vidio i motive m self to star im Young and i want to star now if you can answer me it would perfecttt

  4. Damn. Puberty did you extremely good.
    Edit: Can you share your vocal exercises? That would be inspirational.

    1. Ainul Yaqin yeah vocal maturity definitely helps. Right now my main regimen includes lip rolls, the straw exercise, and vowel scales.

    2. I’m very much enjoying your singing tips/tutorial because it comes from your own experience and we’ve seen the result. definitely subscribing! Can’t wait for more tips/tutorial.


    How much money did you spend learning Technics or different tutorials and even classes? Thank you. Sleepyboy

    1. I’ve spent thousands of dollars throughout the years on singing lessons and I own every at-home singing program known to man lol


      Yea I understand I had a vocal teacher she charged $40 for every 30 minutes 10 years ago. Sometimes it is better to buy videos that you can have for a very long time. The only problem is when you need to learn techniques and how to correct minor errors. Anyways You sound good …Good luck on your journey to more success..Sleepyboy

    3. Definitely worth the investment in lessons, because it isn’t so much what exercises you do that matters, it’s HOW you do them that makes the difference. In order to do them right, you need individual instruction, not some guy on a recording saying “good job!”

    4. Adam Mishan
      How much time it will take to get a beautiful svoice? Do you think I can do it in one year? my voice is ok but I need to make it better .. and if I will take lessons everyday for a year how much money do you think I will need? Is 1000$ ok for a year? Or I need to get more money?

    5. MalazForever honestly if you are looking for excellence, you’re asking the wrong questions. We all know that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything. You can see in the video how far one year will take you. It almost always takes longer than that to be amazing. If you have a passion for it then I recommend just starting and working as hard as you bloody well can.

  6. Bryan Slyvester

    When i was 9 years old i dream to become a singer but i know i cant sing and now im 17 years old i hope someone will teach me to sing cause singing will always be my dream.

  7. I want to be a singer but i don’t know how to practice my voice 😅 now my age is 15 😅 i’m worried if i can’t debut as a singer 😅 can you help me ? I from malaysia . Sorry bcus of my english is not good

    1. *yo sup, Take this bleach*

      Hello negara tetangga! Yup, same its damn sad tho, i have pitchy voice and its so annoying

    1. Rolling apples if you confused, what i wrote in this comment, you are just not reading it carefully, backread bro, i just compare the voice, i am not referring to the person. Peace✌✌

  8. Zachary Wheeler

    Congratulations on your transformation man! I am starting my own vocal journey. I downloaded a program by Ken Tamplin that I am going to start tomorrow. I hope that I can one day develop a voice that is pleasing to listen to and loved by those who hear it.

    1. Sebastian Beltran it was really less about understanding and more about conditioning but one of the biggest breakthroughs I had was understanding that the whole voice can be trained at a very low volume which really helped release the high notes

    1. Syed Naimatullah don’t go straight for trying to hit high notes. Work on your lower range first and the high notes will come

  9. This video shows that hard work and practice can pay off, your really inspiring and keep up the good work 👍

  10. Lucas Villaron

    Hi man, I have to say that your transformation is really nice. And I want to ask you that question : Do you think it’s possible to french teeanagers (17yo) with a really bad singing voice to considerably improve his singing skills in 2 months (for now) and then in 1 or 2 years WITHOUT ANY TEACHERS ??

    1. Lucas Villaron

      PS: I’m truly sorry if i did mistakes in English, you can say it to me there is no problem !! Thanks 🙂

  11. Rolling Apples

    Wow that’s an amazing improvement!! But I just think you lack emotion. But you can easily work on it and improve as you’ve shown! Congrats man!

    1. Rolling Apples

      Adam Mishan Of course. It’s great that you are motivated to do so. I, myself am always trying to improve too but there’s only so much I can learn myself, I need a proper coach.

    2. Rolling Apples

      Adam Mishan I’d love to but I’d prefer it in person, it makes it so much easier for you guys to assess our abilities then.

    3. I understand that sentiment but MOST issues can be assessed just as effectively over FaceTime or Skype as can be done in-person. Just so you know.

  12. *yo sup, Take this bleach*

    I like singing, im not tone deaf, the problem is my voice is so damn pitchy, is that possible to change voice? I even hate it when i heard me talking through a voice record 🙁

  13. reindeerman214

    I think I sound exactly like you did at 2009 and you’re telling me that shit can get decent? (I’m not gonna aim for your godlike progression wtf, that’s ridiculous, shouldn’t be possible).

    1. reindeerman214

      I’m honestly really interested in how you made this happen, I might hit you up for some info in the near future. Been checking your channel for a while now, it’s really impressive. Keep it up, hope your channel grows btw!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...