Improve your singing in minutes how to sing like your favourite artist | Voice Singing Lesson

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42 thoughts on “Improve your singing in minutes how to sing like your favourite artist | Voice Singing Lesson”

  1. It’s easy to forget, where to breath, to sing legato, not to underline
    consonants, to open the mouth and one thing, to have the accentuation
    right. When I begin to have an accent on the 1 and a little less accent on
    the 3, it’s easier to sing.
    It sounds bad, when you sing all 4 quarters with same velocity. Dito in 3/4
    I ONCE had a GIRL OR should i SAY SHE once had ME
    it’s been a HARD Day’s NIGHT and i’ve been WORking like a DOG

  2. I’m no good singer and I admire how easily you do this. I’m struggling to
    learn how to sing because I wasn’t born with such a talent, but I would
    really apreciate if you could make a video teaching us how you learn each
    voice separately from the Beatles songs. Is it by ear or do you have any
    method for doing this? Keep up with the good work! Greetings from Brazil.

  3. vorrei cercare di assomigliare il piú possibile al mitico Macca…I capelli
    ci sono ma grazie ai tuoi video spero di riuscire a cantare anche come lui

  4. Thank you for this. I found you after watching your blackbird tutorial and
    felt compelled to stop and thank you for the excellent tips. I can’t wait
    to watch you other videos now ☺

  5. Galeazzo thank you so much! Your videos are so inspiring and make me
    excited to sing and improve more! Have shared your work with so many of my
    friends and recommended your beatles harmony lessons as well. Absolutely
    fantastic! : )
    All the best, keep them coming! 

  6. Wow, wot a truly inspiration u r to me. I have a great deal of potential as
    a vocalist & viewing your videos is a real pleasure. I am a fan & u have an
    awesome voice my friend!!Many thanks for the videos & may they long
    continue. Peace & Love ❤ x

  7. GeneralFatPug

    Could someone please explain chewing your words. I just can’t tell the
    difference in the video.

  8. I’ve heard Stephen Sondheim advise Broadway singers to slide into those
    high notes. Advise to composers — Quit composing up there!

  9. youre a very good singer! how long did it take you to reach this point? i
    feel like my voice is to low of volume and tone. your tips were helpful

  10. Konstantinos Samaras

    please mr .coach could you show in a video how Billie Joe Armstrong from
    Green Day sings?thank you.

  11. Are you gone?! This video just made me a whole lot better in singing my
    favorite karaoke songs. Very grateful to you.

  12. I’m 48 years old, but I am going to do it. And I had a great time in the studio and I can even send you my song, so you can hear how good it sounds.

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