I used to SUCK at singing. (Then Vs. Now)

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“I don’t have a good voice”

“My voice is too low”

“I can’t sing on pitch”

“I don’t have a good place to practice”

I had ALL of these problems but I was still able to become the singer of my dreams and you can too. This is My Singing Transformation.

47 thoughts on “I used to SUCK at singing. (Then Vs. Now)”

    1. Gypsy slaughterers .official

      RiffShop thank you so much I can finally start doing my own singing. My entire family has told me I can’t sing and I should stop. Now I can finally learn how to sing.

  1. Thanks for this video, you’ve opened my eyes to be myself, not a copy, thanks, as well, for the higher voice lessons. I hope the practice pays off, and hope you have great lives, stay awesome and keep living on, you legends!

  2. chubbybunny1701

    Am I the only one who didn’t think it was bad? Sure it could use some work but it wasn’t that bad his voice sounds better now because of all the practice though

    1. By changing the way you pronounce things, your body opens up in a way that makes hitting higher notes easier 🙂

  3. People forget that practice is everything. Talent is a lie and doesn’t exist. If someone can do x very well, it is not talent, but tons of work that went into practicing x. Of course you sucked in the beginning, but this doesn’t matter. You put the work into it and owned it.

  4. You are so great, I love when youtube recommends me a weird video, in this case lolicon metal and that ends with an inspiring lesson of life

  5. Shizaru al Kira

    Damn dude even when you started your vox still top mine after spending my life singing in the shower lol as a natural bass type voice, I can’t seem to hit certain pitches even in lower octaves to most of the bands I listen to. My voice will just crack. It’s so bad but that’s why I stick to screams because I know I’ve got a shot to be the best at that.

  6. ElvenGodFromHell

    Thank you for this generous, humble gift! I’ve never taken any lesson, or was ever good at singing but recently I find myself practicing different tones, styles etc.. Without even thinking about it! This will surely help me improve, once again thank you 😎

  7. I know these feels. I literally had the same problem, as well as with confidence. I had issues with screaming as well, causing vocal damage.

  8. Dude your right…. making music is all about being unique, original not just a copy…. I need to stop trying to be like someone else and just be me…. and I’m definitely going to take this lesson

  9. Any advice for catchy current tunes for baritones? That’s been my struggle and I really look up to awolnation but I cant rock like that. Self confidence has been my greatest obstacle, what would help get me comfortable??

  10. I know the struggle i always wanted to be able to scream and growl but i never could afford vocal lessons so i just started trial and error and after 4 years (i was 14 at that time) i finally made it now im 17 and have a successful live band which is touring all over Austria so it doesn’t matter how old you are just believe in yourself dont expect to instantly be famous or have the vocal range of Rob Halford just try to improve screaming vocals and normal vocals dont come from alone so just train

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Learn to sing like a proLast chance to get your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...

Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...