I Have Nothing – CHERYL PORTER Masterclass (ENG subs) Chery vocal coach

How could we actually rest our voice while singing? Lesson of dynamics, power dosing and STRATEGY. “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.

50 thoughts on “I Have Nothing – CHERYL PORTER Masterclass (ENG subs) Chery vocal coach”

  1. roberto maiorano

    Maestra Chery ? non ho mai visto una maestra qui a Napoli spiegare tutte queste cose come le spiegate voi, nella mia citta di napoli non so come fanno a reputarsi cantanti sia le maestre che gli allievi mha questo proprio non lo capisco. Maestra io suono la chitarra e non sono un cantante ma mi piacerebbe imparare e poi vi dico anche che io mi fido solo di voi perche solo in america ci sono i migliori maestri di musica ma qui in italia ne sono pochissimi. Maestra io ho un canale YouTube mi chiamo Roberto Maiorano andate a vedere i miei video che suono la mia chitarra un abbraccio fortissimo a presto attendo un vostro messaggio ciao maestra

  2. Andrea Israel

    Cheryl I loved how you helped how with the ranges…we need more vocal coaches like you. It’s a true talent

    1. 😭 i thought your reply was just a dream and now that I realize it isn’t I’m shaking, you’re great! Such a warm-hearted woman with good intentions ❤️ the snacks were bomb haha I felt like I was in the audience watching 😂

    2. Cheryl Porter .VoiceStudio

      Keep watching baby!!! Eat some snacks for me the next time!! So glad you enjoy the videos honey. Hope they are helpful ❤️❤️❤️


    Hello. Ever since I’ve watched your videos. I finally have a clear purpose of what I would like to pursue in life.

    I am currently a music production student, but due to life’s circumstances, I have stopped studying.

    I kept asking myself if I want this course but, I don’t really have a choice because it is the only music course available in my campus.

    But I would always remember the refreshing feeling when I teach people how to sing, especially when I notice their improvement. It’s like, drinking a glass of ice cold water. It feels so refreshing.

    People are saying that I shouldn’t take the path of being a vocal coach, because I never experienced a class first-hand. But now that I am 18, I see myself just like you helping others improve their singing. I love the idea of it!

    I would love to meet you 💖 and be able to be mentored on what path I should take, now that I have a desire to become a vocal coach.

    I hope you would be able to see this comment. It would really mean a lot to me.

  4. Eileen Cintron

    Wowwww!!!!! This 👏🏽 was👏🏽 fire👏🏽. Made me feel like I can sing this myself and I can’t sing at all 😩😩😂

  5. Martha La Pistolera Salazar

    Wow how I wish I was her student…I sing in a band, but I’ve never had a vocal coach. I just sing what comes out of my heart but boy would this change it all for me!! Wow!

  6. She sounded good before but you can definitely tell the difference when applying the skills being taught to her and she became even better! Really cool to see her switch with intent while following the sign. This kind of thing shows the difference between singers who have a good voice and singers who have a good voice AND know how to use it

  7. Moxie Caliber

    I would be forever grateful and honored to have her as my vocal coach. I can only DREAM of the voice that i could achieve with her help. 😭 ❤️ she’s an amazing coach truly.

  8. confidenciahl

    Meu Deus, que aula! Estou completamente encantado por essa mulher. Que professora incrível!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...