How to Sing/speak When You Are Sickkkk :(

This video is my personal remedy for what to do when I am sick and I have to sing! This is great for Teachers, call-center workers, pastors, professional speakers, and vocalists! Use this remedy, but also warm your voice up very, very slowly and carefully to see if you can comfortably sing. If you cannot, please DO NOT push it and sing your song in a lower key, or have a plan to sing a lower note instead of that high note.

I am sick right now, and this remedy helped me to clear out the mucus and free up my vocal chords. It helped me to be able to sin clearly and well. My sinuses were stilll blocked, so I was not my best, but at least it was a nice tone, and I had my technique to rely on. Please DO NOT sing if your voice is still blocked with mucus, or is very painful.

Steps/ Items listed in my video: (I got most of the items from my local natural food store)

1) Drink lots of water.
Try drinking a gallon for these days you’re sick, ESPECIALLY if you decided to take Sudafed or an anti-histamine drug. The water helps moisten your throat and helps keep your cells charged for battle against the virus.

2) Drink Throat Coat Tea from Traditional Medicinals with raw honey.
Please prepare it correctly, or it simply will not work. Boil water, steep for 15 minutes, covered. This will coat your throat with a film of slimy herbal stuff which will soothe your throat and vocal folds. It will smooth your voice and stop the throat itching.

Use a humidifier all day if possible.
Steam your face 2x a day by hovering your face over boiled water with a towel draped. Be sure to do this with a clean face. Take a bath with eucalyptus.
Take a steaming shower with eucalyptus.
-I used Aura Cacia Pure essential oils Shower Tablets and their bath salt as well.

4) Supplements:
C-1000 anti-oxidant protection with 100 mg of bioflavonoids from NOW, 4X the dose when sick
Cold Snap by OHCO
Satori Vocal Rescue (spray) by starwest botanicals
-pain: Ibuprofen or an anti-inflammatory for pain and to help the inflammation in your throat and larynx go down
-Cough drops: Horehound old Fashioned Hard Candies , anything without menthol and lots of herbs is good
– Mucus: Mucinex only if needed for hard mucus, severe amounts of mucus
– Sinus pressure/ nasal decongestant.: LAST RESORT, Phenlyephrine (sudafed) this s very drying so do a lot of steaming if you do this.
6) Food
Eat as much superfoods as possible. Make a fruit salad out of them or a smoothie!
Here are some good ingredients: Pinapple, Mango, Avocado, Carrot, Ginger. I also recommend eating hot salsa or hot food because it will clear your sinuses. Do not eat hot food if you have acid reflux disease.
7) Sleep
I sleep on my back, as upright as possible. I recommend sleeping on a comfy recliner if you have one. Side-sleeping will give you a lot of pain on one side of your face in the morning. Sleeping upright will help the sinuses to drain more.
-Also, sleep with a humidifier. It doesn’t matter if its a fancy humidifier, or a cheap one. Just make sure it is perfectly clean each time you use it so you do not inhale mold and fungus spores!

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