How to Sing with R&B Licks Part II

Here’s Part II of Rayvon’s talk on licks and runs. You’ll get to hear him demonstrate even more and show you different ways of presenting the same lines. We love you! PLEASE check out the links so that you can really get an grip on what Rayvon is teaching.

PHNX Christmas at Belmont Soundcheck

Jazzmin Sullivan at 11!

Jazzmine Sullivan sings “In Love with Another Man”

Karen Clark Sheard “Echo Effect”

Kim Burrell “Be Grateful” (y’all this is incredible)

Brian McKnight “One Last Cry” (Be sure to actually BUY the song!)

Mariah Carey “Hero” (live performance even better than the CD)

Eric Benet “Sometimes I Cry” Official Video

42 thoughts on “How to Sing with R&B Licks Part II”

  1. So is singing runs and riffs more about learning to control your voice; or
    is it just about learning different riffs? In other words, what should I be
    focusing more on? Doing random vocal exercises? Or Learning and copying
    actual riffs? Thanks so much!

  2. Well, both are important, but if I had to chose…copying actual riffs. I’m
    not really advocating doing “random” exercises. They need to have a
    purpose. But spend an entire practice time trying to master one great run.
    What songs are you working on? All originals or are you doing some covers?

  3. Sure! But you’ll need to tell is you’re a guy or a girl, and what kind of
    voice you have. I can advise you better when I know your voice type. Hit me

  4. PapaSmurfisthebest

    Hey, I also have some questions to ask. Could I please talk to you to get
    some tips? I would love to get some help with my tone and voice. I am super
    keen to improve, love to sing and would love to meet my stars. I am 17,
    male and I can reach high notes, but for some reason it usually sounds like
    i’m singing/hissing like there’s not enough air or sometimes i’m flat. I
    would also love to get some help with trills. I have not had any singing
    lessons so I don’t know any technical musical notes

  5. Looooooovvved the switch to falsetto that’s more my style Lol yu can’t do a
    MC song without high notes lol in keep replaying this just tobhere him sing

  6. Good video! Good to see you all acknowledge gospel singers for R&B licks
    are essentially gospel licks. Listen to any videos by the Clark Sisters,
    Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Daryl Coley, Kim Burrell, Nikki Ross, Aretha
    Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and you will be set. But just like they say here,
    singing is not just about doing tons of licks. Young singers won’t
    understand that until they’ve lived life a bit. Riffs will never compensate
    for tone. Tone is the cake. Riffs are the icing.

  7. Preach. Licks are an overflow of emotion when the lyrics can no longer hold
    the moment. And heavens yes, we talk about Kim a lot…too much haha. It’s
    just so conversational and real with her. Thanks for being on here!!

  8. No problem. Enjoying everyone’s take on this. Kim is the current maestro
    right now so yes…lol I tell my students if they really want to learn it,
    gospel singers are the way to go. This is certainly how I learned. Albeit
    gratuitous at times, they’ve mastered this better than any R&B/Pop singers
    that are out there and comes off way more sincere/authentic because they
    haven’t lost sight of the lyric’s message.

  9. Haha yeah man, it’s pretty cool. And if this stuff freaks you out, please
    take a look at the new Licks for Beginners Series. Blessings to you and
    thanks for watching, Jonathan.

  10. thanks man haha… been meaning to work on adlibs/runs/riffs for a long
    time, but couldn’t really find vids that provide more than a simple riff or
    two. thanks so much!

  11. Hey so sorry I missed your comment. We’re singing “Hero” in the key of A.
    NOW…please understand that “A” isn’t a dude key haha! It’s a good dude
    key for this song. And thanks so much for watching!

  12. AGH. I love these video and you guys are awesome but my voice just doesn’t
    wanna stretch…like I can’t seem to master the fast r&b runs, I can’t do
    it improvisationally. Very frustrating 🙁

  13. OK I totally understand! Please look at the “Licks for Beginners” series on
    this channel! All the licks and runs that Rayvon and I are doing are based
    on a few simple principles. Check em out and let me know what you think!

  14. brett manning’s approach of dancing around one root note like he does on
    amazing grace on singing success made a lot of sense as far as improv goes.
    helps develop your ear for how to move and how to land.. but your tips on
    the licks part I-III were awesome

  15. Something I was looking for was how to make my voice go through all of
    those notes without sounding like one big gliss. Every note in these R&B
    licks is distinct, and I don’t know how to do that. Should I just sing
    them slo-mo like scales and gradually increase my practice speed?

  16. A tenor himself, he works with students of all voice types, in all styles of music from rock to musical theatre to classical, with particular strengths in teaching the art-song, oratorio and operatic repertoires.

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