How to Sing With Power

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44 thoughts on “How to Sing With Power”

  1. trying hard but there’s still a little click where I’m kind of ‘entering’
    my head voice. If I continue to make my chest voice stronger I’m afraid
    I’ll ruin my voice, there is a point where I almost start screaming if I
    don’t continue in a different way. Are you still using your head voice (but
    just stronger, trying to make it wider), or are you solely based on your
    chest voice? Is what you’re doing called ‘falsetto’? Lots of questions,
    thanks in advance!

  2. See this is my problem. Isn’t that like singing in your chest voice? If I’m
    correct, I can hit super high notes in my head voice but not my chest
    voice. I can’t sing how she did in this video. My high notes are really up
    in my head voice if I’m correct. I really really wish I could hit high
    notes how she did in this video. Any advice? I watched her video on how to
    hit higher notes in chest voice. She said bend your knees. But I need more

  3. As you said, you can bend your knees, but you can also bend your body
    forward, or just try to look down at the ground like some people tend to do
    with the lower notes. Warm-up exercises for your voice is the best thing to
    do though, so take 10 minutes/day or longer to practice those high notes!

  4. Ok so I can sing with power but like when I try to actually change pitch ad
    volume a little I go off pitch and lose the power in my voice. Does it take
    practice or is there something im doing wrong?

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  6. My most favorite thing about ur tips is how you can give accurate tips fast
    easy overall simple, to the point . Most others found here give long drawn
    out deoms. Its disconcerting to find that after 11mins. Of watching a
    lesson you realize that u still didnt get the tip. Thanks

  7. Sorry I’m not being racist here .. I feel like American really good in
    singing ..even a normal people on streets could sing well ..
    Ugh how I wish I’m American 

  8. Quick Singing Tips

    I was expecting a little more to this particular lesson but you gave the
    basics to get anyone started in the right directions.

    One thing that would have been cool would have been 2 or 3 exercises a
    person could do to add power to their singing.

    You gave a good example in the video but think 1 or 2 more techniques could
    have helped to solidify the lesson some.

    That’s only a personal preference. I see another person actually
    appreciated the short length.I know you were trying to answer a question
    as quickly as you could. Good work!

    Best, Marvin

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...