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How to Get a Fat Chunky Vocal Tone with Vinny Pizzeria

In this episode, master vocal coach Kevin Richards shows you a way to use a voice over technique or character voice to get a chunky, fat singing tone. This simple exercise works wonders for weak or thin voices.

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11 thoughts on “HOW TO SING WITH POWER – Free Vocal Singing Lesson Video”

  1. Ah, yea, we used to call this “projecting” back in high school.

    At home, we just call it “being Italian.” 🙂 

  2. I can’t believe u would give. Lunte any serious consideration. His voice
    is horrible without any quality.

  3. Kevin, come to your senses. Lunte can’t sing and he can’t teach. His
    methods are flaws. Teachers from early last century identified these flaws
    and guided students away from falling into these patterns. They didn’t do
    this for no reason, they realize that not only did it sound horrible but
    over time it caused the voice to deteriorate. Robert has discovered nothing
    new. Yourself, Phil M, Ken Tramplin, etc all teach sound technique that
    causes the voice to be healthy and of quality. Robert is a good organizer
    and I know he has done a lot to bring vocalist together. He should stick
    with that and let the real teachers do the teaching. He may be ur friend
    but friends don’t let friends drive drunk. In other words,take a stand for
    solid technique where the aspiring singer gets his money’s worth.

  4. Christopher Phillips

    I’ve been doing this every day and I noticed improvement & it’s easier to
    do higher notes by command. YEAHH!!!!! but my higher notes don’t sound as
    pleasing past G4… It has made it easier to do a clean OO & EE now but
    seems like it still needs to strengthen more

  5. Instead, they are to help train primary school children how to sing like opera stars, with proper breathing techniques and diaphragm support.

  6. Jackson Hoffman

    Voice lessons train more than simply methods to sing, but in addition a number of other issues a singer must deal with.

  7. I actually have tried to incorporate all the popular songs with lots of difficulty as the list is infinite.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...