How to Sing With Head Voice

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43 thoughts on “How to Sing With Head Voice”

  1. I try to produce head voice or falsetto but for some reason it never sounds
    quite right. It sounds weak and uncontrolled. Help me please. 


    playing guitar and singing the same time is so hard i cant get it right
    please help me sir what to do

  3. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    For anyone interested in my singing academy – (Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy)
    you can check it out here : 

  4. Hi Ken, I’ve watched a number of your videos. I quite often, or almost
    always, notice that your tongue seems seems flexed and extended towards the
    front of your mouth. Are you doing this to create space in the back of your
    mouth/throat in order to free up some room in general, and for the larynx
    to be/remain unrestricted? I haven’t found any vids, so far, in which you
    discuss tongue placement. If you could? THANKS! :)

  5. Hi Ken, it might seem silly, but could you please help me, as your student?

    I’ve been your student for several months, i’m still on the Vol.1(I have
    ALL the volumes), partly because of practicing on and off occasionally(but
    i’m trying to practice regularly) and even though i’ve progressed, i still
    have a couple of issues to fix before moving on to Vol.2.

    One such issue is the correct shape of the tongue during singing.
    I know it has to be flat to the base of the jaw, like when we’re yawning,so
    that it doesn’t take away some of the resonance, and i’m trying to do that,
    but i’m not sure, if i’m keeping it flat enough.

    I try to keep the back of my tongue from touching the uvula(Is it bad for
    resonance, if the tongue and uvula touch, by the way?), so the back of my
    tongue even concaves a little(i THINK it does, judging from what i see in
    mirror) kinda like when i’m yawning.
    But when i’m modifying, the back of my tongue tends to rise up somewhat and
    sometimes, it even touches the uvula.

    Could you please describe the correct shape of the tongue in great detail?

    Also, an another issue, is that sometimes i just can’t help, but yawn while
    doing the workouts. What are the reasons why it happens, and how to
    eliminate this problem? Could it have something to do with support?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Great video for explainig of head voice..!
    After i understood what you meant with head voice and also falseto, i think
    i understand also better my chest voice!!
    In my feeling it is so: the chest and head voice are not very distant from
    each other. Bei head voice i feel more pressure in head and by chest voice
    i feel more pressure of muscels in stomak but changing from one to other
    happen fast.
    Thank you very much for explaining Mister Kentemplin!

  7. Like two motors, lol, one in stomak and other in head.. 🙂 , which operate
    alternately 🙂 , or even same time together ……
    I think if we work with both same time, it is most healthy and we run not
    in risk to hurt self with the own voice and the second thing is, in my
    taste resonance is optimal so.

  8. Hello Kentemplin, anyone on youtube has NOT explaind why some people sing
    to loud and how to resolve this problem. I self have same problem..I can
    not reach high note if i sing not loud..maibe it is a thema for you in one
    of your nachst videos. Thank you! Roses

    P.S Maibe this problem haven only these which haven to find a betrer tecnic
    of singing..or use compressors….I am the tipe which pretend to sing loud
    and so i do so by singing..and all under this gain i have by singing,
    sounds not really speziall for me..but altough texture of tone sound good
    by singing loud, i am missing something in my singing and can not tell
    egsagly what…i would say maibe more feeling than i have put in.,,i hear
    this after recording clearly, .but i do not know how to put more feelings
    into song if i sing so, so loud. ????

  9. Ken what if we don’t have a room where we can sing that loud. I live in a
    building, and I can’t go singing as loud as you do in the video. Is there
    any way to practice it like just a little bit quiet?

  10. Ferdinand Baarde (Asia's Counter Tenor)

    Sir I need your expert advice, tips or evaluation my videos,,I hope you
    can help me on this…I really appreciate it sir..

  11. Ozzy Osbourne

    Can you do a video on adding rasp/grit/distortion to your voice like Axl
    If so I’m ever so grateful as I’ve looked everywhere. 

  12. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Come join my Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums.
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    who help answer your singing questions.
    You can join here: 

  13. You rock!! Lost your cd when my X got it in the divorce. Just introduced
    you to a bunch of my friends! God bless you!!!

  14. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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    find out it doesn’t work like that.

  15. Bob Hohenberger

    This part of Ken Tamplin’s training, How to build head voice is the
    absolute BEST training available on how to sing better in the higher
    range. Ken’s method is totally above and beyond anything else out there.
    All kinds of vocal lessons will tell you they will teach you how to sing
    high notes, but only Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has ANYTHING like Ken’s
    Building Head Voice program. Want to get into Robert Plant’s Led Zeppelin
    territory? You won’t find it anywhere else. Ken shows you how to GROW
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  16. Is it possible to create a slighty breathy falsetto-esk sound in head voice?
    would this just be less closure on the cords?

  17. I really want to learn how to sing better so im watching all your videos
    ken thank you so much its really helping me!!

  18. I love all your work and I’ll surely go through your course one time (when
    I have enough money and time, you know, I’m from Poland) but now I’m just
    curious… how high can you manage to sing using your head voice? I heard
    you sing couples of A5 effortlessly though I think it’s not the highest you
    can reach
    and the second question: Once we talked a bit about you making a
    “Painkiller” “how to sing” video. Do you still have that plan?

  19. Hi Dear.
    Is it a good way to block nose airway with uvula, when we sending voice to
    the Head voice ? to prevent sound enter to the nose and prevent sound
    blocking. I always send my sound to my nose as a habit and this makes sound
    blocking and tension for me .
    Thank You

  20. Hi, could I send you a song I sang because I somehow managed to sing B4 and
    I don’t know what technique I used?

  21. Hey Ken! First of all I’d like to thank you for amazing program… but I
    wanted to ask you one thing. When I practice your “volume 1” and then
    “volume 2” I see that you have 70% of scales singing lightly and you don’t
    say there “sing it in your chest voice”, only in volume 2 you have in the
    end of it several scales where you say “sing it only in the chest” but I
    somewhere read on one of your websites (excuse me if I’m mistaken) or
    something that you should first work on chest voice, even 70-75% of time on
    chest voice ( does it mean 70% of practice on stretching chest voice??) I
    don’t really understand is your volume 1 is pure connecting to head voice
    work outs or I shouldn’t connect till I get decent result on stretching and
    having ability to easily sing high belt notes in my chest. and only then
    try to connect chest to head?
    I worked really carefully on throat open, support, tongue dropped to the
    base of a jaw, position, very bright Ah vowel, modification, relaxing
    diaphragm that helps me a lot to keep good support all the time and
    everything else is as I think I do even not thinking about it, but I have
    problems with singing through the passagio and have that yodle thing and
    just can’t do it without it so well. Maybe thing is in streching chest
    voice for a more time than 30% of volume 2. I just wanna know how to sing
    volume 2, in the meaning of how much % of lesson should I stretch my chest
    and not getting into a head voice. Thanks in Advance. P.S. Have you seen in
    your coaching career that guys under 20 can’t develop that powerful head
    voice and mix because of immaturity of vocal machanisms in the body. I
    heard that voice can’t develop decently from one doctor till everything
    develops fully in the body when you’re 22-25 years and even impossible to
    build powerful head voice in younger age?

  22. Hey, Ken. I’m a big fan of yours and I’m saving up for your pro course, and
    meanwhile I’m watching your free videos as well as others, but I can’t
    reach very high notes. My teacher told me I was a baritone. Without
    falsetto, I can go from E2 to F4, I don’t know if that’s OK. I’ve started
    singing for around 5 months. Is there any kind of exercise I can do to
    improve? I guess is that thing called mixed voice that I want to
    achieve…BTW, I’ve just turned 16, maybe that’d help.

  23. Stefan Alexander

    Hey man.. I watched all your videos and you’re a big inspiration to me. My
    voice isn’t blending as one tho and I’d wanna find out if I’m a tenor.
    That’s what I think I am. I’d really appreciate your help. 

  24. Hensleyxx52xx

    Hey Ken,, I just wanted to throw a comment,, to let everyone on here know,,
    just off from the short videos I’ve watched,, how phenomenally fantastic of
    a SINGER and vocal coach you are,, your voice has such clarity,, and
    cleanliness that a lot of singers lose over the years but you have seem to
    keep,, I look forward to saving up the money to buy your course and
    learning all that you can teach me,,singing is my passion,, and I hope to
    have a successful singing career like yourself and also look forward to
    showing the world what a good vocal coach can do for the voice,, and just
    how well your product is not a PRODUCT at all but an opportunity to learn
    how to be the singer that you wanna be,, and how well it works

  25. I can’t help but be reminded of Sammy hagar at times when I listen to
    you’re voice. there’s definitely a difference between the two voices but at
    the same time very familiar.

  26. We develop into comfortable with shifting to the music and learn how to interact with folks by way of it. It supplies a software to advance our social abilities and talk on increased ranges.

  27. And even that is so simple as practising with good singing workouts There are some singing tips on-line specifically that may develop any singing voice very quickly.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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