How to sing with grit and distortion Tutorial

How to add grit/distortion to your singing!
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44 thoughts on “How to sing with grit and distortion Tutorial”

  1. is it possible for a girl to do it? i really wanna learn this one because
    my voice is so..sweet’s cute,not like..hard 😀 and i sing rock so
    it’s kinda funny :D

  2. I’m never going to get this.. for some reason, I’m loud as hell, but always
    pretty clean, I can’t get a distorted note out. I got beat up by some
    thugs, and they kicked me in the guts until my diaphragm was torn in half,
    and now it half twists up into my heart. I thought I still had enough
    strength there, but maybe not.. I seem to be able to get more power, if I
    twist sideways and put one leg forward and bend over like a contorted
    hunchback. I can get a little vibration, its’ kind of warm, it doesn’t seem
    to come from the soft palette , instead it feels like it’s coming from
    about 3 inches below the neck, out of the chest plate. It doesn’t hurt but
    I’m wondering is this what it should feel like, or am I just belting from
    the throat still?

  3. I can’t sing but eh it’s fun. Whenever I do, my throat hurts and goes out
    for a while. Worth it.

  4. I have a few videos up. If you could perhaps give me a few pointers on what
    you think that’d be awesome, man.
    Again, I’ll be the firs to admit I can’t sing but I have fun so I do it

  5. great video. i just want to add for anyone trying to learn this, i know for
    me it had to happen by accident before i understood it. he says it’s “all
    support” and that is just so 100% spot on. seriously the first few times it
    happened it was all from my lungs. i didnt feel it at all in my head. i
    think singing loud and relaxed is how i got it to come out naturally.

  6. whenever i sing like this, it doesnt hurt, but i get the urge to cough.
    anyone know why and how I can stop this?

  7. Hi Derek . I am a female, working on part 2.. attempting to sing Led Zep
    songs with my band mates. I am wondering what you are doing with your
    tongue during this procedure, are you lifting soft pallet or using nasal? I
    am getting there. There. With Thanks Alice UK

  8. im trying to sing like adam gontier, im 14 with a deep voice do you have
    any pointers at all to get me started on something like that, my band needs
    a singer before it can start so i want to be that singer

  9. Joshua Moscicki (JoshieJinxx13)

    I’ve found that it’s easier for me to sing like this after a warm meal as
    in reaching my highs with grit, is it good to be doing that?

  10. Melissa A. Romero "Princess of Romance"

    All I have to do is sing until I’m tired and my voice sounds a little
    scratchy and it sounds “rock” and not go to this extreme. I do soft rock at
    the most. My usual operatic pop has to be very smooth.

  11. Can someone explaine the difference between rasp tutorial and this? I can
    hear it and i know this one has more power, but I dont quite understand the
    mechanics. Thanks =)

  12. Ryshlova Noodo

    You compress your glottals to rumble your pharynx witch is the back side of
    your throat behind your mouth it goes up almost into your nasal the higher
    the note the higher up the rumble of your pharynx should be.

  13. Mackenzie Novak

    I think Fred wants to join the choir now and our series producer was practically in tears listening to them!

  14. You can attempt to sing via your nostril however do not overdo it as a result of it would sound bizarre.

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