How To Sing With Correct Posture – LESSON 13 – Craig Shimizu Voice

How To Sing With Correct Posture – LESSON 13 – Craig Shimizu Voice
This voice lesson is about how to have the right posture to maximize your body’s natural neuro-muscular pathways for healthy living as well as good singing technique.

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  1. Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio

    this idea of posture is EXTREMELY OVERRATED in it’s importance to singing properly on stage. It is good for overall health, but it has negligible impact on intercostal diaphragmatic breathing during exhalation. Its akin to saying you won’t die in a plane crash if your seat is an upright position.

    The importance of posture is an outgrowth of stage direction from opera singing – namely for the hero to stand tall and look strong.

    One should be able to sing in any position – standing, sitting, laying down, bent forward or backward.

    1. @Sports stuff
      Good stuff!  You’ve covered MANY points of how good posture can help anyone sing better.  Even though my teachers did emphasize it, I was never COMFORTABLE with this upright posture until I studied The Alexander Method.  That helped to me to actually be relaxed while I was maintaining good posture.
      – Craig

    2. +Shimizu Voice +Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC Kevin and Craig anyway, you both are my favorite vocal instructors on youtube. I want to recommend one book if you haven’t read it yet. It’s called Freeing the natural voice by Kristin Linklater. It’s not specifically for singers, it’s for actors, but it covers a lot of information what I found helpful. I am working with it at the moment (my vocal goals are exactly what this book says: free the voice). The reason why I recommend this book is because I had tension, even pain in my throat for years even when I wasn’t speaking or singing. I tried few different local vocal coaches, but they didn’t helped me much. But the combination of tons of information what I found on internet, youtube (especially your both channels) and this book really helped me. Now at least I don’t feel any tension in my body and throat. I can even speak or sing not complicated things with ease which for me is a big achievement. Maybe you will find something useful in this book as a vocal coaches

    3. Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio

      +Dion Isaiah -Dion – we are not all made differently. We all have the same anatomy. The voice only works properly ONE WAY – the way it was designed to work. If you studied classical singing then you understand that posture is emphasized in classical technique because it part of the stage craft of a singer. To stand tall and strong on stage.

      My point is this – I am not saying posture should be ignored but I think too much importance on it has been placed on it over time – mostly from the classical community.

      And I have yet to encounter a singer who’s vocal problems were caused by their posture. Very few people stand and sing with very poor posture.

    4. Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio

      +Sports stuff “Again, I haven’t seen much pro singers in my life with really bad
      posture, most of the time singers really do have a great posture”

      There, you made my point. Most singers don’t have poor posture. Its a natural instinct of humans when doing a physical activity. Nobody has to tell children about posture when doing sports. Why not? Because its natural. When the human body goes into a physical activity like running, certain instinctive principles comes into play. Breathing, posture, bodily awareness in a 3 dimensional space etc. These instincts can be heightened through training (basic martial arts disciplines) but they exist already.

    5. +Sports stuff Yes, I have that book. And judging by its yellowed pages, it must’ve been awhile ago. I marked three pages: emotion and the voice, dropping the jaw leaving it still “hooked in”, and tilting the head back to open the throat.
      Thanks for the reminder!
      – Craig

  2. Thank you for the humorous full bodied visual of what you are explaining. A good reminder for people like me who sometimes forget the basics.

    1. You’re welcome, Sandra! Learning to sing is like a circle. You can start at any point of the circle and then eventually you’ll go back to things you’ve studied before.
      – Craig

  3. excatolicoromanoapostolico nacido en Cristo Jesús.

    craig so you dont tense your stomach at all.
    But the Italians opera singer do. so how do you feel your stomach when you sing?

    1. You don’t tense the rectus abdominis, which is the outer stomach muscle. The transversus abdominis on the inside will get a little tight. If you can do a yell that doesn’t hurt your throat, this is the proper sensation in the stomach area. Overdrive In Practical Application (Complete Vocal Technique) CVI, .

  4. While looking up posture treatment methods, I saw a posture guideline named “doso shocking guide” (search it on Google). The guide was easy and the tips are easy to do. Upon giving it a go for the entire day, I observed a difference. I have been putting it on every single day for a month now, and already see good results.

    1. Shimizu Voice

      I’ll look into it. The technique I use now that my students enjoy is the “Alexander Technique”. It puts you in an upright position yet you’re one hundred percent comfortable. Even after an hour lesson, the student feels rejuvenated and not tired or feel back pains.

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