How to Sing with Consistent Resonance

We’re talking consistent resonance right through your range in today’s episode and a trick I’m starting to use with my students that is helping them direct the sound.
Singers based in the States, info is here!


10 thoughts on “How to Sing with Consistent Resonance”

  1. I have a question…
    I have asked many singers about were to start as a beginner, without money
    for lessons.
    Most say that the best is just to sing as much as you can.
    But when I check videos on youtube, most say that lessons are very
    What do you think? Where should I start?
    -Levy Zehn

  2. Hi Kim. Abreast of techniques, what kind of lifestyle should you adopt for
    singing ? I acknowledge that you have to get enough sleep, but what about
    eating and drinking like what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink? I
    recall Selena Gomez said she drinks olive oil before performances, is that
    a good tip ? thank you.

  3. hi i got the dvd course of ken tamplin and i cannot curve my tongue like a
    “V” how u do it?..ken tamplin does not explain how do that on his dvd (he
    said only watch ur tongue in a mirror) and bret mannin doesnt even teach
    abput it on his dvd, and i am confused 🙁 ..i was searching everywhere and
    i found little is called furrow

  4. I just can’t seem to connect my voice,when I try to do mix ,i crack when
    going down from head to chest.Does this has anything to do with breath

  5. According to research by scientists in Germany, on the University of Frankfurt singing strengthens the immune system in Adults.

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