How to sing with a raspy voice/ growl

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43 thoughts on “How to sing with a raspy voice/ growl”

  1. the most common mistake people make is trying to vibrate their vocal cords
    high. Growling is very akin to Tuvan throat singing except in short
    controlled bursts. It’s a really hard thing to accomplish for people who
    never managed it before.

  2. please please please answer meeeee
    im a beginner and i really want to growl like that but when i try the sound
    that i make is really breathy and thats too hard for me to make that growl
    and after that my throat hurts….
    what should i do???????
    i wanna do it like christina aguilera or the other singers….

  3. Kareem Carberry

    I was actually trying a new for of singing….as a joke. So i deepened my
    voice, and i grunted. First i froze for a few seconds…..i was surprised.
    It was my first time doing it and it has been my dream….now i’m getting
    better, i don’t strain and only if i force it it makes my throat sore…but
    i can make it smooth.

  4. Kjell Harald Pedersen

    That would actually work if you wanted to sing in a rock band.. Not to be
    mean with you whoever made this video, You can clearly sing.. Just not
    growl. When you growl its making a tone effect from your own voice. If you
    have a dog that is growling at you try to growl back at it. This is
    excelent learning. Also you need to control your breathing before growling.
    Growling takes your breathe alot like opera, you use enourmes power to sing
    a single line of word, But when you breathe correctly you will manage to
    control it. A good way to start is some simple rock bands that dont sing to
    fast. Also try to avoid the bands that actually use growl as a vocal
    because they may sing somehting entierly diffrent than you think, if you
    havent read the lyrics.
    Many people also use a voice control you make growl sounds. Its like
    breaking or bending your voice. Also to anchors that asked a question. You
    might get a very sore trouth by growling in the way explained in the video,
    and i would not recommend it at all. Cause you can lose your voice over
    longer periot of time.
    Oh and as a P.S Do not follow wikihow’s tutorial on how to growl. Please
    save yourself that imbaresness 😉 anyways good luck to ya’ll and remember
    to breathe.

  5. PetroleumJellay

    I love Beyonce’s growl. It sounds natural & not harsh. The type of method
    she uses is like..imagine you’re clearing your throat. That’s all I can
    think of to explain it lol.

  6. Your voice is beautiful! But this is not how to get a rasp consistently or
    healthily. There are very little “how to rasp” for girls though so I
    applaud you! I definitely clicked on it because of that, and I need the
    help. This technique works if you are adding an affectation at only the
    beginning or ends of notes, but the rock rasp needs to be found through
    your head voice while closing the false chords above it. There shouldn’t
    be any pain, and I believe (my opinion) that if you followed the technique
    shown in this video it will cause damage.

  7. Quick Singing Tips

    I think you did the best you could with what you had. I like how you put
    out a disclaimer about how you are pure singer and I appreciate the honesty.

    I still think you did nice job at trying to convey what a singer would
    have to do to sound like this everyday. Your voice sounds beautiful as
    always and i tis always a joy to hear you.
    You have one of those voices that sounds so good it almost makes a person
    uncomfortable.I hope you don’t take that the wrong way:-] Keep doing what
    you are doing. We are all benefiting from it. Best,Marvin

  8. Oh my god, I’ve been looking for this explanation all my life. And it’s
    something that I didn’t even know how to explain in order to ask someone.
    Thank you so much for this video and explaining it with easy words!!

  9. And also, when I didn’t know the name of the technique, I used to call it
    the Christina Aguilera thing – so it’s really, really awesome you mention
    her ^_^

  10. lol you needa talk louder on some of ur videos …but still you are pretty
    and you got a beauitful voice keep on doing videos and keep singing 😊💯💪

  11. I am a asian and I have a quite raspy voice and I have no problem with
    reaching high-notes or doing vibration. (oh and I’m smoker since I was 16)
    But only thing I cannot do is to growl. I wanna growl in high-notes like
    beyoncé and I watched a lot of tutorials like yours and from another
    youtubers but when I practice like that it only hurts and for me it’s only
    possible to growl in really low notes…… but it’s not that I don’t
    practice a lot. please give me some advice🙏🙏

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