how to sing with a neutral larynx
Is a neutral larynx in singing beneficial? Lots of people talking about it but what’s the TRUTH? There are some important things you need to know about it in this video!

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I’m Phil Moufarrege, an online vocal coach.
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7 thoughts on “how to sing with a neutral larynx”

  1. Bang on dude. I remember way back in the day reading this complete BS
    article that literally recommends you to look in the mirror and monitor
    with your finger that your larynx stays as low as when you breathe and
    should never move from there when you sing. I interpreted its instructions
    exactly as written and all it did was cut my range off at A3 and make me
    sound like a dumb cartoon. To this day the worst vocal instruction I’ve
    ever found, yet it’s still right there on the first page of a google search
    of “keeping a neutral larynx. But thank you for at least putting in an
    effort to make the truth more available.

  2. you should do more stuff that is way way beginner. like its hard to find
    vids on youtube for someone to start singing who cannot sing whatsoever and
    has no idea where to begin. most people’s vids are for people who already
    know about singing. 

  3. Hi Phil
    I got a BIG problem keeping my larynx down, in two cases:
    – Whenever I sing higher then E5 (larynx so high that it disappears)
    – Whenever I belt (Goes quite high)

    Any advice on this ? I really don’t want to lose my voice or anything. Is
    there any sort of exercise or something to help me with this ? Thanks !

  4. mate how much would it cost me to take intensive lessons with you ? I’m
    thinking 7-10 days in a row or something. I seriously want to Improve my
    singing, so tired of not getting the tone I want. I want to sing rock, like
    you were singing “hey” at 3:04. I always thin out in my higher register and
    sound tense!! I live in Europe I would fly out and live in England or where
    you are for 14 days or something.

  5. Phil, u explain it better than I have ever heard. I went from struggling
    with my voice to an easy supported high C in one afternoon. I have been
    using KTVA but couldn’t quite put it together. This is no slant on Ken’s
    program; it is an unbelievable program. U teach very similar to Ken.
    However, ur additional comments and the way u explain it put me in the
    right understanding. Now I can can get the most out of my KTVA p program.
    After I had understanding, I was on my way. Thanks!!! U r a great singer
    and top notch vocal coach!!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...