How to Sing with a Breathy Tone | Ambient Vocal Tone | #DrDan

Learn how to sing with a Breathy Tone using this fun exercise.
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“Breath fuels the voice!” But did you also know that breath can fuel your stylistic feel? It can. Watch this video to find out how.

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5 thoughts on “How to Sing with a Breathy Tone | Ambient Vocal Tone | #DrDan”

  1. I believe Mariah Carey is the most breathy tone singer.. But I don’t know
    many singers who use this technique, so..

    Anyway, Dr. dan, if I have well understood, to use properly the technique
    of breathy tone, you must have a soft starting and have a full breath
    support.. Am I right? I use very often the breathy tone because I sing a
    lot of Mariah’s songs..
    Thank you!

  2. Dude my singing is always somewhat breathy. I’d like to know how not to
    sound breathy. Just sticking my tongue a little bit out is not helping.

  3. Hi Dr. Dan,
    Can you give advice: Do’s /don’t’s, after such events as oral surgery
    &wisdom tooth removal? When is it a good idea to resume regular vocal
    exercise, are there any particular ones that will maybe be easier? Or Is
    breath support the focal point, if pain is at high levels? Please kindly
    share your thoughts? Thank you.

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