How To Sing Whistle Notes with CONTROL! (Part 4)

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Merry Christmas! I was supposed to post this 2 days ago but I was with family.

If you don’t know how to sing whistles yet, here is PART 1 of the series

You guys requested it and here it is. I am not a professional, I think we all know that already. But I did my best to explain the steps I take in order to gain more control with my whistle register.

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41 thoughts on “How To Sing Whistle Notes with CONTROL! (Part 4)”

  1. You say you suck at whistle notes while your on your period…but you sound perfect to me.

    Ps.i love your channel and I always get annoyed when I hear other people do whistle notes other than you and mariah

  2. it’s cool to see your subscribers now reach 80k, congratulations!!

    if only you still remember me. from your live instagram, and also i watched your vids since your subscribers were at 5k(if I’m not mistaken)

    be #amazane , and #imzaniac

  3. When I learned whistle notes I couldn’t do it but when I got really into a song and sung a full whistle note run and it SCARED THE MESS OUT OF ME and plus when I try I sound horrible when I dont try to sing I sound good and I’m like WHHHAAATTT CHOOSSE BAD OR GOOD!! XD

  4. My whistles are very sharp and pitched not that airy and smooth likes yours and Mariah’s…Please tell me why? Is there any way to make them smooth and airy? Or are they just gonna be like that? I hope you read this!

  5. hi can you please do a video where you attempt ariana grande falsettos (examples: D6 from “everyday,” Eb6 from “touch it,” E6 from “into you,” and E6 from “right there”) please do this. i love your channel and you’re amazane at singing 😀

  6. OMG CONGRATS GIRL ON 80K SUBS!! ❤️ I have been your fan before 5k and I always believed that you’d reach that quantity of subscribers💜 I’m so so unbelievably proud to be your fan and I will always be! Keep being Zaniac 😋😉😍😘

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