How to Sing When You’re Sick | 3 Pre-Show Vocal Remedies | by Michael Mingoia

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Hello again friends! It’s never fun getting sick. But, it’s even worse if you are a singer and have to perform when you are ‘under the weather.’

In this video, I will list the 3 most helpful things to kick-start your voice and I will list the 3 things you should avoid doing.

Links to the products you saw in the video:

Vicks Personal Inhaler:

Throat and Voice Pastilles:

Tea (Throat Coat):

Feel better and good luck at your show!


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8 thoughts on “How to Sing When You’re Sick | 3 Pre-Show Vocal Remedies | by Michael Mingoia”

  1. Michael Mingoia Music

    Hey Caitlyn. That is a great question. The answer is yes you can. If you boil water and get a towel and put it over your head and hover over, it will have the same beneficial result. This is the old school method that still works today. However, the Vicks Inhaler has many more advantages; it’s smaller, it’s portable, no over splash burn, and quicker clean up. Hope you get better soon!

  2. i was having a real bad headache and a hig fever , it’s hard for me to sing with head voice , isit because i was sick or is it because my voice’s gone? 

    1. Michael Mingoia Music

      Hi Gerald. Thanks for watching. Did you already have your show or is it coming up? As far as singing with your head voice…you normally can sing in your head voice but now you can’t? If that’s the case then I would have to assume it’s because your sick, yes. Depending on when the show is, you may have time to remedy yourself to sound your best. I would suggest trying some of the stuff I spoke about in this video. Even if it doesn’t work out in time for the show, you will be on your way to feeling better over all. Thanks Gerald and I hope you feel better soon! – Michael

  3. Hey Michael, I’m wondering if for the vicks, I should inhale through my nose or through my mouth? I know the instructuctions say nose? 

    1. Michael Mingoia Music

      Hi jlim0385! Yes. I inhale with my nose and my mouth. What I try to do is alternate between: nose only, mouth only, and then both nose and mouth. I know it recommends nose only, but it doesn’t hurt to alternate and it is very soothing. Great question and feel better soon!

    1. Michael Mingoia Music

      Hey edanur. For some, the acidity in lemon can cause some acid reflux for singers and sometimes the sugar in honey can dry out the voice. If you have remedied your voice with honey and lemon before in the past and have had great results, then by all means do it now. Some singers have bad results when using this method. Just because it works for some doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Hope this video helped. Good luck at your show!

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