How to sing when your voice feels “blocked” – Live Lesson with Fel!

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Join me for my live chat on Monday, July 24 at 4pm Eastern (New York time)! I’m going to discuss an important topic: We all feel like we have “good voice days” and “bad voice days” — what do you do on those “bad” days where everything just feels blocked and you can’t seem to get your voice back?

I’ll tell a quick story about how this happened to me earlier this month, when I was scheduled to perform that evening, and what I decided to do about it.

Then I’ll be talking a bit about my decision to move on as a Voice Finder and retire Singing Transformation, the course, for the foreseeable future.

(Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, or becoming a monk, I’m just going to shift my focus to performing and exploring my creativity. We will still be in touch.)

Hope to see you at the live chat!

xo Fel

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33 thoughts on “How to sing when your voice feels “blocked” – Live Lesson with Fel!”

  1. I missed this tonight, Fel. I had a nap/dinner. But I am gonna catch up on this! Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have the opportunities I do if it weren’t for you. You’re amazing! Thank you so, so much! Once I get an advance and figure out the legal stuff I’ll be in touch about some permanent lessons!

  2. You’re so amazing as a person in intelligence and personality and with what you do. I have always spread your name around and recommended your courses to people on YouNow–where I got my start [and where I hope to re-meet your sister @scottdockrill2018]. Thank you ever so much. When I can I want to contribute something to you in one way or another. If I’m in a business meeting I’ll be sure to bring up your name and tell them our story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll miss your new lessons. Talk to you soon, Fel, keep in touch! Hugs! -Scott

  3. WOW your complexion is really good! like porcelain, so smooth. Anyway thank you so much for your great teaching skills. My voice is so tight, hope to master some of yr tips!

  4. I used to push to sing loud- and have corrected it but now have started to occasionally sing flat. I feel my singing improved except the here & there flat notes. What’s happening? I watched your singing flat tutorial (im a ST student). But it’s not all the time. Any reasoning for that when singing softer (imagine Adele loudness to Jewel in loudness I guess lol) i go flat?

  5. Peter Maarsman

    Good luck on your new endevours. I know you will do well what ever you do. Thank you for all your help, my singing is doing well and my director is using my voice more and more. I am a senior entertainer doing a lot of singing etc.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...