How To Sing – What is Chest Voice

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How To Sing – What is Chest Voice
Date: 9.29.10
Coach: Shelby Rollins of Brett Manning Studios s

Shelby talks about the chest voice and it’s role in your mix. She gives some exercises to strengthen the chest voice and extend your range.

Approximate Length: 15 minutes 44 seconds

39 thoughts on “How To Sing – What is Chest Voice”

  1. To: Couchnigga , Disrespectful but funny as F***. To Shelby, Great lesson
    well taught. Thank you! Sorry …but it was funny

  2. Thks Shelby; many good pts! — Chestvoice needs more Air ; Impt to extend
    lower range in morning. // PRAISE You Jesus. [[“The
    organisation/family/indiv who Reverences Jesus, are the ones who’ll find
    themselves in continued: Divine Favor, & a Peaceful Manifold-Blessed life.

  3. i have a very deep voice and i dont even have to try to get low. its the
    high without sounding horrible i need help with

  4. hey i am 19 and i dont have a clue where to begin to learn singing, i dont
    even know if i can sing, can someone tell me where to start?

  5. Nikolai Johansen

    Hey I am 17 and I REALLY want to be able to sing, without it sounding like
    a near dead cat. If anyone can + wanna help please write a comment or find
    another way to contact me. I would really appreciate it!

  6. i wish id done what im doing now at 17 !!! been trying to sing for years on
    and off and i NEVER studied it, i always kept singing and singing and never
    got better. I now am taking Per Bristows singing with freedom course,
    (because there is so much out there already on scales and such and i wanted
    something that frees up my tone and range etc) anyway making massive
    improvements and it is not expensive. However all these videos for free on
    you tube are great, get cheap kindle books on singing. GL

  7. i started by listening to my favorite bands and singers. im not a
    professional, but when i sing other people enjoy it. try to match how they
    sound and if it starts to hurt take a break. dont strain yourself. You wont
    sounds amazing in a few days it can take a while so dont expect immediate
    results. i hope this helps.

  8. Yesenia Ruelas

    Join a local choir/ choir class. That helps you learn how to both blend and
    how to sing in good technique.

  9. Hey I am 15 and I am good at rap and hip-hop (EMINEM stuff), I wanna be
    able to scream like Chestor Bennington, what should I do?

  10. It’s legitimately about just screaming. You can practice by screaming along
    to your favorite songs. Your voice will have to be conditioned, though. If
    it starts to hurt at all, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Just play around with your
    voice until your throat gets used to you abusing it every day that is still
    comfortable and sounds good to you. Don’t be afraid to practice traditional
    singing as well. Chester has a beautiful voice himself and diversity is

  11. I am NOT a singer but I’ve known several and some were professionally
    trained. I was told a long time ago that singing in “chest voice” is
    discouraged because it is hard to control, limited and will burn out too
    quick. I knew one band that did NOT get a contract because the singer was
    a “chest singer” and the record company did not think he would sustain
    recording an album and a subsequent tour. Also, I know another one who got
    a vocal scholarship because he was the only applicant that was NOT a chest
    singer. He is only one I know still working today.

  12. I’m not even a singer… But i know how to use head and chest voice, done
    it all my life… Problem is I’m freaking tone deaf.
    Better stick to guitar.

  13. Bio: Larissa Lam has almost 20 years of professional singing experience and has studied under top vocal coaches in LA. She has coached various singers for record labels and musical productions.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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