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Written and produced by Robert Lunte. Recorded by “Thin Black Line”, guitar by Bruce Brophy.

There seems to be a lot of “How to sing like…” videos these days. Is the pursuit of “how to sing like” someone else really the main goal you should be focused on in your singing? Every voice is unique and every voice has the ability to demonstrate its unique areas of power, tone, range and embellishments. To be inspired by other singers is inevitable and to learn from other singers is a worthy endeavor. But don’t hasten your progress and growth as an artist by only singing songs from other people. Step out and be brave. Write your own songs as well.

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31 thoughts on “How To Sing – Voice Teachers That Sing – Robert Lunte”

    1. Click this link to read the table of contents from “The Four Pillars of Singing”.  Ramón, thank you. Im pleased to hear that you like my singing and composition. Even better, Im looking forward to begin your coach and showing TVS training method for singing.

  1. ROBERT LUNTE – “BLUE RAIN”. A lot of people have enjoyed this song through the years. If it is new to you, I hope you enjoy it as well. It is one of those tunes that just comes together in about 5 minutes that song writers experience from time to time… Some songs just “flow” out… others have to be “built” and take more work. Consider this as a teaser for some NEW original compositions that are nearing publication… Behind the scenes? The less “romantic” explanation is, this is the result of new audio mastering skills for video production. Lets Get’r Done!

    1. +Likely Story Well cool… theatery/concept/proggy… is right up my alley for sure.. again, glad your digging it. There are several new ones coming soon, I think your going to likey… 8  ^  )

    1. Thanks Nick!  Glad you approve.. some new ones coming… this is a good tune, but was really more of just a audio mastering exercise for me… giving an older video a new lease on life.

  2. This song rocks Robert! love the warm tone and exceptional vocal production. I really enjoyed this song- kind of reminds me of Queensryche.

    1. Hey Ricki, thanks brother… !  More to come… in production now. Not “how to sing like” someone else… but “how to sing like Robert Lunte, singing like Robert Lunte”… Ya… its a whole new concept. Singing like yourself. Finding YOUR voice, not someone else’s. How you been?

  3. I listened to this twice in a row. I like your voice and you certainly make it your own. I hear opera and rock mushed together and stretched apart. I totally expected a mad guitar solo but the piano left me feeling refreshed. I really like the sound of your voice in the first few phrases or words, it felt like the song could have taken totally different paths.

    1. +the0v0man I made it my own? Lol… I hope so since its my song and I wrote it. LOL… Im happy that you enjoyed it! Yes this tune is very popular with a lot of people. Thanks for listening.

  4. I meant, to me you don’t sound like anyone else. Your voice and singing style is individual. But I’m young and inexperienced haha!

    1. +Atham Aldecua Glad you liked it Atham. Listen to my tune “Nocturne”, I think you’ll enjoy that as well. Type in, “Robert Lunte Nocturne”.

    2. +Robert Lunte Just gave it a couple listens. You are doing the same thing, effortlessly switching between heavy and light singing. Very skilled singer indeed, Mr Lunte.

    1. +Michael Clark Yes, I wrote this song. I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it Michael. More to come very soon and more writing… you may enjoy “Nocturne” if you like this… click here: be sure to subscribe. And if you are a singer, check out my vocal training program

    2. +Robert Lunte Yes I really liked Nocturne too. I am one of your Students. I am close to mastering “The Foundation Building Routine”. I will book a lesson in a few weeks, so you can make sure I’m doing it properly. I’m eager to move on to the other lessons, but understand without tuning my Forment properly, there’s not much point. My voice would only ever be average at best. I write a lot of original songs too. My best songs, and only songs, are always the 5min flashes of inpiration through a scrawling pen, and a catchy tune on guitar. Building a song never works for me. For me building always creates something Im never happy with somehow. And I end up with a song I dont enjoy, or emotionally connect with. If its not done, guitar included, in less than 20min. I physically scrap it, and mentally file it away for another day. And they quite often resurface, months, or even years later, as 5min flashes. Im sure its the opposite for some people. Anyway, I know some of this belongs on the Forum. So I don’t expect anything about Formants, or the lessons if you reply. I will go to the Forum for that information. I look forward to more of your songs!

    3. +Michael Clark Michael, you sound like a good student and its great that you are digging into The Foundation Building Routine. But don’t wait too long… don’t get into paralysis analysis. Get out to my site and purchase your lessons and lets get going Mike.

    1. Robert Lunte

      Hi “J”, glad you liked it. Geoff Tate? I’ll take that as a compliment. Geoff Tate was probably my biggest inspiration to become serious about singing. Check out my other performance videos here:

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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