How To Sing to Mic Recording Studio Video Podcast

Welcome to the 2nd episode of our video podcast here at Sound Weavers. This episode is titled How to Use or Sing to the Mic in the Recording Studio and features a guest singer/vocalist D-Ann Griarte who will demonstrate her singing talent and microphone technique/skills.


17 thoughts on “How To Sing to Mic Recording Studio Video Podcast”

  1. hello kabayan nice tips great…can u give some tips how can i get some
    best recording free software like a pro sounds vocal. i have condenser mic
    also like yours. but i need a best recording software. pls reply thanks in

  2. kabayan i forgot to ask you…how you make a cover with video with a nice
    and quality sounds coming out to the video. pls give some tips. salamat.

  3. @raiatq two ways, first is live sound to camera using a spot/shotgun or
    lavalier mic straight to camera. second is live sound recorded to
    multitrack, then edited to fit the video edit – we lay the edited audio to
    video (very simple but can be complicated for non professionals).

  4. kabayan…lavalier is a kind of brand node michrophone right? i dont have
    problem to my audio file when i sing… my problem is how can i put the
    vocal sounds direct to my video cam recorder? just like you’r doing in
    other video cover its live picking up the condenser direct to the videocam.

  5. @raiatq you need to use a video editing program, on the mac iMovie or Final
    Cut Express will do. On Windows, there are so many programs to choose from.

  6. Instead of asking non-singers to match a observe sung by a tutor or played on a piano, he asks them to sing a tone, and the tutor then matches it. Hey presto, for the first time, they are singing in tune with someone else.

  7. Using train your self singing software is the one option to get past a certain degree of singing you may study yourself with out these sources.

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