How to sing This boy Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies

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Learn how to sing This boy vocals harmony by The Beatles. Video vocal harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on This boy Beatles. Enjoy!

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43 thoughts on “How to sing This boy Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies”

  1. @05:12- question: is this the earliest instance of this characteristic
    downward third vocal glissando that you’ve found? To me, this musical
    gesture is so absolutely gorgeous and when I heard it in God Only Knows, I
    thought to myself “aha!! This is what Paul was talking about (or one of the
    things) when he referred to the influence of Brian Wilson on him” – but
    This Boy is 1963 – well before Pet Sounds. So the question is – what’s the
    earliest example you can think of by The Beatles or anyone else that has
    this? I mean – not just a downward gliss – I mean with this special
    emotional hook as used so often later.

  2. Hi Galeazzo, I found your Beatles videos, and really enjoyed watching the
    harmony breakdowns. Here is my attempt for “This Boy” based on your harmony
    break down. I admit it isn’t perfect, but I gave it a good shot. I tend to
    have a very gravely voice so getting clean harmonies is tricky for me. Love
    the videos, keep them coming! 

  3. Nikola Vernerová

    Hello! You’re truly fantastic! Amazing singer & musician! I was wondering,
    could you do “Because”? :-)

  4. John Wierzbicki

    Lennon, McCartney, Harrison ,Starr and Galeazzo! You sound great, but it’s
    obvious you researched this quite a bit! Great job my friend! You’re voice
    is almost spot on!

  5. Wow!! So glad I came across this! You did such a really good job, not only
    with your singing and playing but your explanation as well!! Awesome!!

  6. Percy Thrillington

    one of my favourites songs ever. But I can’t say “one of YOUR best
    performances” because they are all absolutely FAB :))) so I can’t choose
    which one I prefer :)))

  7. Fantastic videos and attention to detail. Please do the Everly Brothers.
    They were so tight. It is sometimes hard to break their voices apart.

  8. ”all i have to do is dream” 🙂 everly brothers pleaaaaaasssssseee thanks
    for all your great work, your channel is unique. cheers from paris

  9. Galeazzo, thank you so much for these videos! I’ve been trying to recreate
    Beatles harmonies for ages and I never managed to do it until I found your
    videos. One thing though, I can never quite reach paul’s vocals. No matter
    how much I lower the key of the song. Is it all right if I do it in
    falsetto? Also, how can I train my voice to reach higher and higher
    pitches? Thanks a lot!

  10. hi a question , how do you split the screen up the way you do ,as i wanna
    do that for my own music videos, i use i movies on mac book pro

  11. Andi Stone has never had a music lesson in his life. He wanted to start
    playing after playing on his xbox.

  12. Hiroshi Aoyagi

    Hi, Galeazzo,
    Thanks for posting. I’m always impressed with your analyses of Beatle tunes
    and reproductive performances.
    I have a question.
    Obviously, John hits the lowest notes in verses 1, 2, and 3(=1). Then,
    isn’t it also he, not George, that sings the lowest (overdubbed) melody in
    the middle 8 as well?

  13. “If you only have two singers, sing George and Pauls parts” (middle eight)
    why is that? Your video has George doing the low and Paul doing the high.
    Wouldn’t it be tighter having the two backing vocals closer together? The
    interesting thing is that in the verse John is low George is middle Paul is
    high however in the M8 backing vocals, George is low John is middle Paul is
    High. Thanks

  14. In this lecture, with the necessary music theory completed, the student begins to learn about pitch and how to move into it.

  15. This little tip has changed much about how I am able to get the air I need and be prepared for the next part of the song that I have to sing.

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