How to sing The end The Beatles Vocal Harmony Abbey Road Medley

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How to sing The End vocal harmony like the Beatles tutorial video- Beatles vocals video. Enjoy singing the fabolous Beatles vocal parts. This are The End by The Beatles harmony for Rock band performance. All vocals tutorial only harmony lesson tutorial by Galeazzo Frudua.

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Beatles harmony video.
Galeazzo Frudua vocals harmony breakdown of The End harmonies by The Beatles.

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Armonizzazioni vocali cori The End Abbey Road Medley Beatles.

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28 thoughts on “How to sing The end The Beatles Vocal Harmony Abbey Road Medley”

  1. do some of there early ones , from me to you ? chains? theres a place? some
    from the please please me album , thank you , your AMAZING and soo

  2. Complimenti, sei troppo un grande! Sono poche le persone in grado di farlo,
    serve una grande passione! 😉 Incredibile come George cantasse quasi sempre
    una melodia “alternativa”, chissà se questo lo ha condizionato nel suo modo
    di cantare e di “scrivere” anche nella sua carriera da solista…Beh,
    complimenti ancora, video interessantissimi!

  3. As you will see by my name, I’m Italian and I am enjoying your videos. Here
    in Canada, I am the one who normally arranges the vocal harmonies for our
    group. You’ve made my job much easier. thank you. Where do you live? My
    wife and I are planning a trip to my native land next spring.

  4. Love your harmony breakdowns! Fabulous job, you always manage to catch
    those subtleties that are so important! I would love to see you do a
    version of ‘Because’ :)

  5. Jordan Winters

    For learning singing, you do not have to spend a lot of money but if you have a passion, you can learn it by only hearing your favorite singers carefully.

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