9 thoughts on “How to sing The Call by Backstreet boys”

  1. You are very skilled in harmonies so I want to know what you think. In that bridge part of the song where they are all harmonizing the “oooo-o-ahh-ah”, do you think they are actually harmonizing live? Or is it just the prerecording from the track itself? I can never tell.

    1. ThemcoversMB bardo

      Dillon! From what I’ve seen I would say its pre recorded it at least most of the time I’ve seen them live too and even then I thought it was but like you can hear them sometimes singing over top of it. I really like that part of the song sounds really cool

    2. Yea its my favorite part of the song haha. I thought the same thing, Thanks for the response and great video!

    3. ThemcoversMB bardo

      Dillon! One thing is like I know the song so well I’ve heard it so many times in my life I can detect that the track is straight from the album

  2. Awesome! I think, I learned this song before from another lesson that you made in the past, or perhaps your brother! 😀
    EDIT: My bad, actually I learned the middle section from you! 😀
    EDIT2: This is how I did the first chorus just by hearing it, 2-3 years ago:
    And this is the middle section that I did learn from you back then:

  3. John Mariotti

    Fantasiic job! Quick question though. In live performances Kevin and Howie are singing throughout the whole chorus. Kevin doesn’t just start singing at ‘battery is low’ and likewise Howie doesn’t stop there. Are they just singing the melody with Nick until there harmonies come in? Thanks and once again great job!

    1. ThemcoversMB bardo

      It’s the classic case they aren’t singing it like the track. I’ve heard instances where someone is singing “A Low high” like my brother and i like to say. The high harmony except low. I’ve even heard a low melody before and I’ve also heard a high harmony sang differently like for instance at the word UP someone is filling in a gap that isn’t there on the track cuz at that part the UP as far as the high harmony makes it so you can fit a high harmony between that and the melody. I also can’t help noticing the backing track in most of those preferences for that song which was pulled from the actual song so you will have them singing whatever over top but, the backing track is underneath.

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