How to sing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

How to sing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

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Hi guys! I’m Madeleine Harvey and thanks so much for checking out this video! Today, we will learn how to sing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. So if you like this video, please be sure to give it a thumbs up and click the subscribe button below! I’d love to see you here more often!

We’re going to break Stone Cold down into bite-sized pieces. These sections are meant to be used as temporary coordination’s to get the ball rolling for you. Please don’t go for a finished sound right away. It’s important to use these coordination’s as a frame of reference that give you access to more vibrations. Please be sure to watch the entire video. As you practice with this video, feel free to use the links below as a quick reference tool to jump to your favorite parts. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1. Placement at 1:21 Quicklink
The biggest thing we want to make sure that we address Stone Cold by Demi Lovato is a centeredness of tone using placement. This is the songs home in your voice. This will give the entire song substance, presence, focus and balance. It’s also important to address that everyone’s acoustics in their face is entirely dependent on their facial structure. So you’ll need to experiment to really discover what works best for you. The sounds that I will demonstrate here are some of my favorites. The objective with this sort of placement is to focus the tone smack dab in the middle of your head. So lets flair our nostrils and lengthen our lips. (You know that face that adults usually make when they catch a kid in a fib) Hold that shape while we play with the opening line. Did you notice your tone come forward right away? You’ll have to watch to make sure you don’t open your mouth too much. We want to feel that centeredness of tone balance. When you get really good at guiding your tone to that specific place, then you can begin to open your mouth wider. Another great way to practice tonal center is to speak the song in slow motion. This will get you accustomed to lengthening your phrases.

2. Pharyngeal at 7:59 Quicklink
The other key ingredient in this song is the use of the Nasal pharynx. This is commonly referred to as Pharyngeal singing. Pharyngeal is great because when it’s executed correctly, it can take lots of pressure off of your throat and add a saucy expansiveness to your sound. To feel what this feels like, concentrate your awareness to right behind your back top teeth. Now smile and as you do, feel a wee little lift in the back like a yawn. With that space open, say the word happy. Can you feel that expansion? Good! Another great way to isolate pharyngeal as you sing is through the use of an NG sound. You’ll want to keep that space as active as you can during the chorus. Since this chorus is hard-core, let’s build up to it. I recommend that you sing at a medium level dynamic. Focus on developing the tone, as well as a comfort with the feeling of openness. As you work to achieve balance in these areas, you can increase the volume incrementally.

3. Adding edge at 15:00 Quicklink
Now that we have a through understanding of the centeredness of tone as well as the pharyngeal, we’re going to add edge to the sound by introducing a little bit of cord compression. Remember, tone must be established first before edge work can be done. So think of this as a finishing touch to the sound. We’re coming down to the cord instead of going up to the pitch. Imagine a tiny little screwdriver making a small adjustment to the sound. (If Happy is her)

4. Final Thoughts at 21:43 Quicklink

Thanks so much for learning how to sing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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  1. despairingleonardo

    that’s very great !
    I think you need to do a part 2! cuz everyone wants to sing the aggressive
    bridge and holding the g#5 at the end. they are quite hard to master. not
    even Demi could sing the g#5.

  2. Maria Margareta Stetco

    You are amazing! When I sing I’m always nervous because I tend to focus on
    the mistakes I make. Your lessons helped me so much! Thank you!

  3. Carolin Martins

    its funny cause I was just practicing this song! I’ve never really had
    ideas for how to focus through the entire song!! thanks for this video it
    really helped me :)

  4. I even have studied singing for over 20 years now, and from my experience there are not any theories on studying easy methods to sing that appear to agree with one another.

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