How to SING scales (2018)

Topic: This video goes into how to sing scales, covers the 3 golden rules of singing scales. Simple and clear explanations that will give you a frame work to master and develop skill on any scale.

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4 thoughts on “How to SING scales (2018)”

  1. one of the best videos I have come across yet about scales! thanks for sharing man! 5th like from me !

  2. Hey Carl i email u a link of me doing scales after watching this video, I think I’m doing the mums correctly but still can’t sing high

  3. From my reading of the most well-known microphone singers of say Sinatra’s generation, it seems that few took lessons, let alone lessons that were formal. Do you have any opinion about those great singers who didn’t take lessons? How do you think they learned to sing without formal lessons?

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