How to sing runs

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43 thoughts on “How to sing runs”

  1. I have watched your videos over and over again and they have helped me to
    get some runs, but I am still so frustrated because of the flatness or
    “blur”. I have a natural heavy vibrato, so it is hard to control my runs. I
    feel like there is something I am missing

  2. Does your vibrato aid you in doing cleaner runs. Is there a way to get the
    vibrato to come out automatically like yours? I notice in my voice I have
    hold the note for a while, then it comes out. I think that effects the
    ability to do more flowing runs. I like how in your voice when you start
    singing the your vibrato just comes out naturally. Can you post a video to

  3. Shannon Guyton

    I’m good at doing riffs and runs but my question is what is your technique
    for runs when you get to a higher range and how would you control it. It’s
    a lot easier to do runs in your lower or middle range than it is when you
    go up in range. 

  4. Quick Singing Tips

    I am happy how you give some direct advice that is tactical.
    I believe focusing on the rhythm is super helpful and stops singers from
    going all over the place unnecessarily.

    I also enjoyed the tip about choosing top notes and bottom notes. This
    helps singers envision how to get from one spot to another safely.

    You also give the disadvantages of not singing to the rhythm. Good to point
    out before it happens. lol

    Great job and keep up the good videos!

  5. You have a beautiful voice and an interesting take on riffs. I see things a
    bit differently and you view helps me to put our two thought processes
    together. I think you’re amazing!!!

  6. Omg the first time that I try to sign the hears of my parents died😅😂but
    when I start to watch your videos I feel better because you explain
    excellent and you are so patient 😉god bless you and continue like that☺
    x. o. x. o from a mexican girl☝

  7. I had a take a vocal training about 6 years. It was a helpful to see
    you`re lesson in youtube. I was trying to sing as Chrstina, Mariah,
    Whitney and Celine Dion. you`re explaniations are easy to understand. i
    was a clear for me to learn vocal runs, mixed voice and how to sing famous
    an artists to sing as well. You`re voice is simply as a beautiful. Thank

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...