How to Sing ROCK | Simple singing tips for rock vocals | #DrDan

How to Sing ROCK. Follow these simple steps.
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Despite what you may have heard…Rock is not dead! Rock vocals are still among the most sort after for pubs and club’s entertainment. So we better take a closer look at the enduring genre of rock and learn how to sing this kind of music with authenticity and sustainability.

0:23 Dr Dan sings ‘Gethesemane’ from the Rock musical, “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

0:48 The various forms of ‘Rock.’
The first thing we need to comprehend about Rock is there are literally over one hundred sub genres of rock. Everything from its birth place of rock and roll to classic rock through to punk rock. There are the heavier distorted versions, including death, thrash and screamo.

2:27 Rock vocals are TA Dominant.
Rock vocals are predominantly a TA dominant mechanism. Some people refer to TA dominant mechanism as a chest voice sound. This TA dominance is typically taken higher in the vocal range when singing rock than other genres. It’s this big full high singing that creates the energy and perceived audible tension that we all love in rock.

Another word you may hear used a lot in YouTube videos that talk about rock is the word ‘compression.’ This word seems to have originated amongst speech level singing teachers who use it to label the activity of the vocal folds as they come together; an action called adduction.

5:09 Practical tips for singing rock.

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4 thoughts on “How to Sing ROCK | Simple singing tips for rock vocals | #DrDan”

  1. Great video Dan. Some Rock vocals are extremely challenging and the singing
    of them is almost counterintuitive.

  2. Dr Dan,
    Is it true that a rock singer like Jon Bon Jovi employs a technique where
    the sound resonates in the nasopharynx? That is, going by exercises on You
    Tube, developed by the ‘bratty’ nay exercise/sound.

  3. Valerie Holmes

    To discover ways to sing with power starts with a minimal quantity and from there it goes up. You additionally must work in your diaphragm and exercise it. It requires proper respiratory approach so your throat and diaphragm can prepare.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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