How to sing rock – how to sing growl

How to sing rock – How to sing growl

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In this video, I cover some basic foundational knowledge of how to sing rock and use vocal distortion to make rock effects like growling/rumble/creek and vocal fry.

There are 4 main characteristics of rock singing that I cover in this tutorial:

1. Intense raw passion
2. High effort level and intensity
3. Chest voice/Belt heavy
4. Vocal distortion

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28 thoughts on “How to sing rock – how to sing growl”

  1. despairingleonardo

    This really be careful since a lot singers hurt their voices singing growl.
    Chester from Linkin Park has gone for several operations for his damage.
    The ex vocalIst from arch enemy did teach how to scream in a healthy way…

  2. I love your voice. when you sang that lyric from pinks song it moved me.
    Great vid, very informative and easy to understand :)

  3. I love your videos Kerri, they are direct and straight to the point. Most
    of the vocal videos in youtube just beat around the bush and do not
    actually share the techniques needed. May I know if vocal fry is also used
    for other genres, especially R&B. I have been using it to strengthen my
    vocals and I do see singers like Mariah Carey using it alot.

  4. Many beginners who want to sing Rock, can fail simply because they aren’t
    aware of the degree of mental and physical involvement of the entire body
    that is oftentimes required.

  5. I have a problem. I’ve only asked two of my closest friends if I can sing
    and they said it sounds like I’m just speaking and don’t have a melody. How
    can I fix this? 

  6. Justin Metcalfe

    This helped me so much!!! Thank you, I’ve always wanted to be able to growl
    like Christina aguilera but I’ve never been able to do it and this helped
    me a lot. Thanks again. 

  7. Hey Kerri Love the videos. but i was just wondering if you could do your
    next video on harmonising . Thanks !!! – from sydney

  8. when I just start singing, I can get that very thick sound but after I sing
    1-2 song, my notes start to be shaky and breathy, do you know what’s wrong
    with me??

  9. Armstrong is a bad example because he used improper technique. But good tip
    on the fry, a lot of people use that to sing rock vocals with.

    It’s important to remember that you should still feel NO pain at all. Do
    not hurt yourself. Legitimate professional rock singers do not harm
    themselves with their singing. The ones that do end up destroying their
    voice and quitting that style of singing.

  10. Music Man's Ladies Band

    Love the tips. It is interesting that a “growl” or a vocal distortion is
    more interesting to
    people then beauty of tone. Thank you for this 🙂

  11. We will be in touch shortly to organise your session – if however you can’t wait for us to get back to you, feel free to call 08450 51 51 08 to book it immediately.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...