How to sing Riffs and Runs – *THE TRUTH*

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How to sing riffs. How to sing runs. Sing Riffs and runs the EASY way.
Riffs and runs, take you from being a ordinary singer extrordinary! Learning riffs and runs, takes a lot of practice but if you commit yourself to the work, and rehearse regularly, they become much easier. Review this video to learn Riffs and runs easily. A change of MINDSET is ALL YOU NEED to perform Riffs and Runs with ease! Sing Melodies!

43 thoughts on “How to sing Riffs and Runs – *THE TRUTH*”

  1. PaulMckayONEvoice

    Thanks God bless you also! Add me on Skype: onevoie.musicacademy Like me on Facebook: PaulMckayONEvoice

  2. Phoenix Wings

    this actually helped me to do riffs better. thank you for the video. i thumbs uped and commented!

  3. Justin Duncan

    Great video. You said to develop a melody database. It sounds easy but actually doing it is difficult. I’m able to imitate pretty well but as soon as I need to sing my own riffs or runs it sounds childish, and quite often false. Any advice?

  4. PaulMckayONEvoice

    Be patient and persistent! If you criticize yourself too much you’ll lose motivation;
    why would you use a word like “false” to describe your riff? Any sequence of notes that you string together can be a riff.

  5. Thanks this is really helpful, I have a problem on deciding where to put the riffs in a song , is it in the end of a phrase , it would be really good if you could make a video about it

  6. My first time watching you and excuse the Ebonics but… You is some kind of good!!! I’ll be watching you from now on : )

  7. i just learnt learnt that blues riff you sang at 3.05 mins. took a while but i got it in the end 😀 good man paul!

  8. From experience I would say start off by imitating others because at least then you’ve got some influence. That’s how I started, then I’d say write your own song with the basic melody first, or you might even find yourself subconciously riffing while you’re writing…I do, but even if you don’t, once you’re familiar with your song, if you’re anything like me, you’ll start to want to explore some riffing possibilities. Hope this helps. 🙂

  9. do you have any tips for improving the ‘bounce’ between notes to get them to separate better? i do it sometimes but i’m not sure what’s happening or how to make it more consistent… thanks!

  10. Wow I never looked at what I do naturally so technically, great tutorial…will implement these principles into my practices

  11. Rosannasfriend

    Great lesson! Definitely subbing! I can sing, but doing runs is my last hurdle, I can come up with them, but sounding fluent is another story. I never understood the blues scale stuff until a week ago, so thanks for this additional information!

  12. Lissy Lategan Music

    i purchased your vocal runs bootcamp on your website but now i can’t access it anymore??

    1. PaulMckayONEvoice

      +Lissy Lategan Hey Lissy, I have a new improved version of the program on “udemy”. please inbox me on youtube with your email address and I will send you a free link!

  13. Thanks for making it seem possible to do these kind of runs. You are peeling back the curtain and it seems possible that I’ll get there.

  14. Ruggedwaxdigga96

    Thank you Paul, This really encourages and Motivates me to find my voice. Very helpful videos , and you got mad soul Man!.

  15. Mario González

    Hi…. it’s really nice to meet you at least from YouTube… I’d like to know you in person. Where do you live. I’m in San Antonio texas. I’m Mario

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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