How to sing Riffs and Runs – BLUES SCALE Riff (part 1)

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How to sing riffs. How to sing runs. Sing Riffs and runs the EASY way.
Riffs and runs, take you from being a ordinary singer extrordinary! Learning riffs and runs, take a lot of practice but if you commit yourself to the work, and rehearse regularly, they become much easier. Review this video to learn Riffs and runs easily.

Paul McKay breaks down an impressive blues Riff and shows, step by step, how you can perform it!

44 thoughts on “How to sing Riffs and Runs – BLUES SCALE Riff (part 1)”

  1. My brother It is one thing to be able to sing well it is a whole other
    thing to be able to teach that to others you have an amazing gift to teach
    an excellent temperament an excellent spirit may God continue to bless you
    and add to your life thank

  2. João Victor Mofato

    Muito bom mesmo!!! Hi paul! I am brazilian, but i’ve learned a lot with
    you! Your voice is amazing! I knew your videos almost now and liked so
    much! I intend to see all. Congratilation!!!

  3. PaulMckayONEvoice

    Absolutely, I am located in Toronto CANADA. You can add me on skype
    “onevoice.musicacademy”. Or you can take a trip to the wild north. CANADA,
    and we can have a consultation.

  4. Your tone is truly phenomenal. Is there any way to train your voice to copy
    tones? How does someone get your type of tone? I have found my own voices’
    resonance but I want that gospel/R&B sound.

  5. Your videos are truly god send, I actually learn things from you and it
    feels good to have help from someone that knows what they are really
    doing!! I absolutely love love love watching you!!

  6. These lessons are all great, and I just bought your course. It would help
    a ton in the future if you used a metronome to give some context for what
    beats your rhythms are sitting on.

    They must flow very naturally for you, but for a new learner to duplicate
    them it’s pretty difficult with out having a tempo, or metronome as a guide
    (also so we can practice on our own).

    – Quick question: I bought you ruffs and runs course, I’m wondering simply

    1. how often I should practice each module before moving onto the next
    lesson. and…
    2. how long I should practice each day module (scale/vowel exercise) to see
    a consistent results.

    I really wished it mentioned these two things in the course just so we know
    at what pace to take these lessons. Thanks Paul! :)

  7. I find that weekly half hour lessons also work really well for children and young people under 12, to find out more give me an email – I would be more than happy to talk to you more about it!

  8. Online singing lessons work effectively because they are systematically organized to address every aspect of improving your singing voice quickly and effectively using tried and tested methods.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...