How to sing Riffs and Runs – ANYBODY can get this! Part 2

Learn Riffs and Runs with Paul McKay
Sing along! In part 2, Paul McKay expands on the Pentatonic Triangle exercise by adding additional “Tiers” to the base of the triangle.

41 thoughts on “How to sing Riffs and Runs – ANYBODY can get this! Part 2”

  1. How do you do the crazy runs we hear in church they be on beast mode can
    you do a vid like that or is what your describing in the two videos the
    bases for all riffs and runs

  2. Hey im 15 and i was wondering how long you should practice before you move
    on to the next video? Will a week be ok?

  3. im a little sad. cos i can’t do it that fast and i don’t know why…. can
    you help me out Paul… pleaaassseeeeee…

  4. Question: can you run up & down the scale smothly & quickly like Daryl
    Coley and can you teach it? That’s not an art that a lot of singers utilize
    or possibly even know or understand. Just curious….

  5. Kmilitta Breadtoja

    the best teacher in this world.. your voice is amazing!!! I really really
    love it, and your videos and the way you teach… thanks 4 share you talent
    and your knowledge!!

  6. So... About those Jacksons!

    Oh my GOD. I’m sitting here tripping for real, sir. LOL I’ve played
    keyboard my whole life. I’ve stayed basic. I’m good at math. But who knew,
    math AND music together would teach me Riffs and Runs???!!! lol

  7. Hey Man! Thanks for your videos. You have a wonderful voice! Love it!
    Question: I love Brian Mcknight styles, so tell me, what i need to learn to
    sing like him?(or closely hahaha), i mean, what exercises can i do also

  8. Quick question. I’m trying to learn how to do these, but not necessarily
    the runs how you’re teaching. I’m not sure if it works the same way, but
    I’m trying to learn how to add accents at the end of a line on a song. Just
    playing with the notes a little but quickly changing pitch. It’s a
    difficult and frustrating skill to learn.

  9. This is another good video, I like how you continue with riffs and runs.
    Like different levels, well done

  10. La'Velle Walker

    A few years ago I had a clear and solid falsetto. But I joined a band
    singing in night clubs 6 days a week. I’m sure I damaged my vocal cords.
    What I would like to know from you brother is it possible to regain or fix?
    Or do I have to accept the fact that it’s gone forever? 😩

    Btw, great video. I will be practicing these scales until they become
    second nature. No matter who I disturb in my condo. 👊😠


  11. Kendra Strozier

    I just want to say “WOW”. I sing with runs and riffs already, but wanted to
    do better. The way you broke it down was so simple, but very impactful.
    Thank you for this.

  12. I have a question. I’m a singer who had a good tone and resonance, but my
    ability to do runs, riffs and licks are barely subpar. Is this something I
    can strengthen to have clean more defined and cut riffs and runs?

  13. Hey Paul, thanks for these videos, they’re super helpful brotha. One
    question, I noticed you put a subtle “H” in front of your vowels sounds in
    certain spots of the runs. Is that necessary as a pushing off point or can
    the runs be done without any of those?

  14. You’re awesome. This makes sense to my mind… I’m just too lazy to get too
    into it. I know the basics. xP

  15. Roxanne Mapache

    Literally cannot sing to save my life but I’m addicted to watching your
    videos. Your voice is so angelic and beautiful. Identical to Sam Smith ❤

  16. pocahontas reese

    Paul, this is too cool. Thanks. I am a songwriter and after spending
    thousands paying others to sing my music, I have decided to embellish my
    voice and sing my own stuff too. I am praying that I can pull this off. I
    am preparing for a show in 10 months. Whats the learning curve like to
    learn to do some simple runs?

  17. Even the simplest use of dynamics will make your songs come alive, and the more you practice, the louder and softer you’ll be able to sing healthily.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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