How to sing really LOW notes well – Vocal Techniques

How to sing really LOW notes well – Vocal Techniques

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In this video I give a some tips on how to sing really LOW notes with clarity. Often singers are concerned with how to sing high notes but equally important is being able to hit low notes well.

The 2 main things singers are lacking when they can’t quite hit low notes are:

1. Adequate breath support

2. Resonance in their sound

If I don’t have adequate breath support, i.e. I am not breathing deeply, then my sound on low notes will be breathy and often inaudible. It will sound weak and pitchy because it is not well supported with a grounded deep breath.

In addition, singers often approach low notes heavily. They try really hard to sing heavy on the note which thickens our vocal cords and makes them less flexible and more clunky. This does not help us to produce a clear sound on the low notes.

To solve this problem what we need to do is bring the resonance of our sound higher, right into the nose area, i.e. the nasal cavity. This enables us to sing the low notes without sounding harsh or clunky, or weak and inaudible.

A great exercise to develop this ability is the “mmmm – ooohhh’ 5 note descending exercise. This must be done lightly and brightly with the sound resonating in the mask of the face – i.e. around the nose area in the nasal cavity

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40 thoughts on “How to sing really LOW notes well – Vocal Techniques”

  1. Chantelle Freeman

    My lowest note is D3 comfortably & highest A6 comfortably.
    I find it easy to go high but I want to get my voice a lot lower. Thanks
    this helped :)

  2. Thank you so much! This has helped me learn a couple of songs for an
    upcoming performance, including Blue Bayou, which was killing me.

  3. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho

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    #SingingTips #VocalTechniques #VocalTips #TheSongBirdTree #HowToSing

    How to sing really LOW notes well – Vocal Techniques

  4. Kenny McCormick

    I’m a girl. I CAN’T sing. It’s not that it’s my fault or anything, but my
    voice sucks – my parents both tell me the truth, so do my friends, and
    everyone says I can’t sing. It’s just a fun thing to do I guess.

  5. Aideen Ní Riada

    Love, love, love this lesson!!!! You have saved my life – I’m performing
    Wave, Tom Jobim in 2 weeks and was despairing about the low notes!!! Thank

  6. marie louise soledad

    I wish you were in Brisbane I could be your student .. you seems a nice
    teacher I can’t believe just following your instruction , helps me to
    improve my voice… your video is really helpful thanks Kerri Ho

  7. I still have trouble sining Beyonce’s Halo, “They didn’t even make a *sound*”
    I can’t sing the “sound”, it sounded like my stomach is rumbling, there is
    no actual voice coming out, instead just popping noise. Help?

  8. +The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho I wated to know 2 stuffs
    A- How do I know if I’m going wrong with my breathing exercises ( I
    actually do it 15 mins before my vocal exercise )
    2- I cant sing below g2 , I tend to sing in my fry voice below this

  9. Joan Lee 이어진

    I’m 12 and I can sing from C2 to F#5 but after G2 it’s kind of hard to sing
    and my voice sounds too quiet and stuff so how do I sing then??

  10. I think another reason people have trouble hitting low notes is because
    they are lowering their larynx well below the neutral point

  11. The Fabulous Kingpins #1 Fan

    cool! that’s pretty funny that now I can sing baritone instead of tenor
    like I used to. yeah, my vocal teacher said that since I am a gal, I
    wouldn’t be able to sing like a male would but I’ve seemed to develop a
    strong ability to sing lower than I’m even supposed to in my vocal
    performances. thank you

  12. kittykate meow

    Anyone else came here so they can sing death of a bachelor?

    No? Just me? Ok.
    *hides in emo corner*

  13. Am I the only woman who’s the lowest comfortable note is A3? I mean, all
    women I know can reach D3 or lower and when I search for vocal range of
    female singers I see their lowest notes are lower than me. I really wish my
    lowest comfortable note was D3

  14. Les Walking Dr. Musical Lover

    I find that it’s sometimes hard for me to take good deep breaths through my
    diaphragm. I breath in nice and deep, but half way through it just stops
    short and either my side starts to hurt or my stomach deflates. Do you have
    any tips on how I can fit in a better supported breath?

  15. Les Walking Dr. Musical Lover

    anyone else trying to sing empty chairs at empty tables?… no?… just
    me?……… I’ll go stand in the corner…..

  16. Les Walking Dr. Musical Lover

    It kind of sucks how there can be male sopranos, but there isn’t really any
    work for female tenors or baritones :(

  17. Thanks your advices are great.
    BTW I recommend you to buy a darker condenser microphone for your videos
    because your voice sounds very sharp through this one.

  18. Emily Gregory

    Prizes such as time in recording studios were up for grabs at the Open Mic UK Camden Regional Finals!

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