How to sing overtones (tutorial)

Short tutorial on how to sing and control overtones. Leave a comment and give me your thoughts!

Check out Czorgaard here:
View my F#1 tutorial:

20 thoughts on “How to sing overtones (tutorial)”

  1. ScorchingSkeleton23

    This is probably the best tutorial on overnotes that I’ve seen! Thank you
    for this, it really helped a lot! BTW do you of a way to adjust your vocals
    to focus on a specific note? Cause I’m a bass but the only notes I can hit
    are A1 and E1 but I don’t know how to focus on the other notes. I saw your
    F1 tutorial and thought maybe you might have an idea on the topic. Thanks
    again! :D

  2. Thank you for this helpful tutorial! 🙂 I was hoping you would be able to
    give me some advice on something though. I can make the overtones but I’m
    struggling to make them any louder, it isn’t a problem of sustaining them
    they just aren’t very loud and I was hoping you might have some tips? 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

  3. how do i place my tongue if you would have to be precise ? you only
    instruct to pull it backwards. but is the tongue flat, is the tip closer to
    the upper mouth or is there a third possibility. please elaborate 🙂 and
    great tutorial btw!!

  4. I just learned about this in Chorus the other day from my director because
    we’re doing a song called Myoon Myoon which comes from where singing with
    overtones originated (in this style at least). It fascinated me so I’ve
    been watching different styles of how-to’s and I have to say, yours is
    helping me the most, by far. It’s very descriptive and easy to understand.
    Thanks, again!

  5. Thank you so much for your help! I can only do 3 different over tones but I
    can do 2 over tones at the same time!

  6. The way that helped me was to do some Muppet impressions to get what you
    meant. Kind of like Kermit the Frog. From there on, within a minute I was
    able to hear my own overtones. THANKS! ^_^ :D

  7. Do you find that pulling out your jaw helps? Also, I can’t wait for
    overtone singing to become popular, I see more and more videos about it all
    the time. I really want to get a few people together to orchestrate
    something with overtones, but not many people irl even know what an
    overtone is. That said, you gave a great explanation of overtone singing,
    and Im going to borrow it

  8. At the same time, the body becomes more and more responsive to your least thoughts so that the performances of a song more closely match what you hear and feel in your heart.

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