How to Sing No Reply Cover Vocal Harmony tutorial

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Learn how to sing No Reply Beatles cover vocal harmony breakdown by The Beatles. Video harmonies tutorial lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on No Reply Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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42 thoughts on “How to Sing No Reply Cover Vocal Harmony tutorial”

  1. Gale. where are the drums from on this tutorial. ? This is not Ringo
    playing. The middle eight he plays 1/4 notes on the snare rim and at least
    plays 3 different rhythms through the song (one latin) Hi-Tom, Snare . In
    fact it is a difficult drum track that really drives the song and
    punctuates the amazing harmonies. Just wondering.

  2. Hey Galeazzo, are you tracking football ? What do you think about upcoming
    match between Italy and Croatia ? Italia is not playing really well in the
    last time, but they have a reputation in football world. Besides, Croatia
    has many stars like Modric, Kramaric, Mandzukic, Kovacic and Rakitic, they
    play super in their clubs. So… whats your opinion, have Italia any
    chances ? ;)

  3. Amazing stuff as always. I’ve always loved this song, especially their
    harmony at the bridge. One thing though: I believe the lyrics in the verse
    are “Cause’ you walked hand in hand…with another man in my place” instead
    of “Cause’ you would come in hand”. Just some friendly advice. Thanks for
    sharing! :)

  4. Bravo! Bravíssimo! Fantástico!
    No reply. The backing vocals are so high I’d never thought someone would
    make such an amazing reproducion of it’s harmonies.

  5. Federico Serino

    Hi Galeazzo!
    I always wondered as they could get those wonderful harmonies.

    Regardless of the genius of George Martin, was his magic to sing them!

    This is a song with a great difficulty,
    I congratulate you!!

    Federico from Argentina

  6. Sounds great as always. Spot on. And you even make it look easy! The only
    thing I’d do to make it sound more like the record is have a little more
    McCartney in the mix. But you’re so meticulous. Is it just my ear, or does
    McCartney’s higher voice sometimes overpower John’s a little in their

  7. muy bueno el eco que hace el microfono que tenés!!!
    very good the eco that the microphone you have!!

  8. Fantastic. Always loved this song. One small point – the words aren’t quite
    correct. Should be “‘cos you walked hand in hand, with another man, in my

  9. Do you think as the Beatles evolved that they planned their harmonies in a
    different or better way from when they first started recording? My
    uneducated opinion is that they always had great harmonies and that all
    their songs evolved as they practiced. That to me is why it is important
    for everyone to realize the input of all 4 because they all brought
    something to the completed song. What do you think?

  10. The harmony on No Reply has mystified me my entire life! THANK YOU for
    helping me understand it, Thank you,.

  11. Hi, Galeazzo, excellent works, thanks. Have you however realised that the
    “double-tracked” John in the verse, which you have returned with an eco
    mic, is actually… Paul singing unisono and imitating John’s voice? This
    particular John’s timber had been deceiving most ppl, notably Mark

  12. Finally got around to this one. I don’t think I sustained those “I nearly
    died” harmonies long enough but the bridge came out nice. Thanks for the
    continued inspiration!


  13. I’ve always thought No Reply was one of their most ingenious vocal
    arrangements. We’re all aware of the early studio takes of this song.
    John knows what he’s trying to do, but realizes he just can’t get there
    (“I just can’t get anywhere near the light right now….so you’ll have to
    do it”) talking to Paul. Brilliant musicians. Please Please Me had similar
    shared vocals – Paul had a pretty incredible high end.

    By the way – awesome job here.

  14. Now I am confused! I always considered Lennon as the superiors song writer.
    However, the more careful detailed observations leads me to believe that
    without Paul, Lennon’s songs would not had been as good. Dang!!! If Paul
    was the one to harmonize to Lennon…He sure was (is?) a genius. It took
    Mr. Frudua to make me aware of this.

  15. Алежандре Цемин

    What he sings??? “‘Cause you are coming hand with another”?

    The correct isn’t: ‘Cause you walked hand in hand?

  16. Most of us like to sing, or at the least hum, in the privateness of our houses and by no means consider really growing our singing abilities any additional than that.

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