How to Sing: Mistreated – Deep Purple cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Vocalist Ken Tamplin shows us how to sing David Coverdale’s Mistreated by Deep Purple.

Mistreated – Deep Purple (cover) By Ken Tamplin

In honor of David Coverdale and Deep Purple recently being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, I decided to pay a tribute to David (and Glenn) by doing a cover of Deep Purple’s “Mistreated.”

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64 thoughts on “How to Sing: Mistreated – Deep Purple cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. Always enjoy Purple. A band of highlights and no bad tracks. Always an album band, as opposed to a singles band. With Rod Evans, Ian Gillian, David Coverdale and Glen Hughes (there’s one for another singing bassist top tens) and with Ritchie Blackmore, and some of the names that have played in the band even for a short time such as Joe Satriani, adding they still tour after all those line up changes, even after the passing of the great Jon Lord. Thanks Ken, I may have missed that era,, but it is was my dad listened and listens to. A band unlike any other.

  2. Valente Villarreal

    I just full blown sang this down in an empty subway. Hope I can do it in front of a crowd soon. Awesome voice! Love this song!!!

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Donna, thank you very much for the kind compliment. David Coverdale is one of my favorite vocalists, so it makes me feel good for you to even say I’m anywhere close to sounding good like he does. My hat is off to David for his great career of rocking us all for so long, so well!

    1. um, David Coverdale originally sung this one, so it’s not even fair to compare to Glenn. Glenn merely covered it later and performed it extremely differently.

  3. Ken that is magnificent. My sister is an opera singer and I sat through all her lessons and you blew me away ….wow

  4. starfighter1972

    Your voice always brings a bit of Paul Rodgers and the rest just flows. As always you delivered the song great and for what a song we are talking about: a very powerful one, maybe the best song of Deep Purple.

  5. Indigenous Australia earthling

    sorry bro.. its me ” benni mc” . my cousin’s hacked me with that “vegetation mite” ( gotta live em,Ozzie). still rock.. #bring

  6. DirtySouthTV

    Got DAMN! Sang it Brother! Sang it!!!!!!
    My goodness, Ken.
    Please go on tour with Deep Purple-just for one year. Please make sure you guys play at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida.
    Ho. Lee. Cow!

  7. Two songs from David coverdale that u can feel the emotion while he sang it,…solider of Fortune n mistreated…n u doing well Ken..u sing with emotion…welldone

  8. rogersadriani

    I think this vocal is extremely difficult. To hold the mix with this power requires a lot of control! Insane! You (as always) rock!!!

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