How to Sing Low Notes – Lower Voices

Great question regarding singing low notes! Barely ever get that request! Here’s a few exercises you can work on to reach those lower notes successfully.

15 thoughts on “How to Sing Low Notes – Lower Voices”

  1. Morten Vildhjarta

    Watching all sorts of vocal coaches on Youtube, I really have to say you
    are standing out, You don´t dance around the Topic you give all the needed
    infos on the topics. You give good Encouragement, and the vids are not to
    short nor to long.
    Just sweet. Thanks a lot Jeff!

  2. Thanks for your comprehensive vocal lessons! Btw, doing the above
    exercises, I find that my voice is quite ‘airly’ and weak even when singing
    the lower notes. And I feel that my vocal cords cannot close together
    effectively. Are there any ways that I can train my vocal folds and correct
    my cords closure?

  3. Hey Jeff, I would like to Skype you for some lesson. My Skype name is
    davidclark892. I would really appreciate it. Thank you David!


    I’m a female alto can you do more videos for ppl like me, because there’s
    not many videos for low females vocalist :(

  5. Juan Pablo Pino Arauz (Trauko)

    Hi Jeff thanks for another great video ,would you consider to make a video
    revealing the technique for a low sul fiato (falsetto)
    Thanks again ..

  6. Jeff, you are the man! I really appreciate all the help, these videos have
    pretty much become the basis of my daily vocal routine. Would it be
    possible at all to make a more extensive warm up style video that hangs
    around down at the low end like in this video? I can hit the low notes
    demonstrated here with relative comfort but singing a melody whilst
    articulating words properly is another thing… Again, thanks so much for
    all the help, it really has made a difference!

  7. Chris Harrison

    Hey Jeff, I’m 15 and just starting to sing.

    I’m a baritone (bassitone, from what my teacher says) and I’d like to know
    your opinion on supported vocal fry. As in while my chest stops at an A1, I
    can fry down to about an F1 with a decent volume and tone. I’m mostly into
    accapella singing, so do you think that while I’m on a mic it’d be
    acceptable to use?

  8. Mariadelosang

    Singing songs concerning the beloved character of God disperses ache in the bodily physique and considered demise.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...