How to Sing Louder Effortlessly

How to Sing Loud Effortlessly at | Vocal Coach Ken Taylor discusses different resonance chambers that you can utilize in your body while singing to produce more volume when you sing.

What creates the fullness of the sound? Space. Resonance space is what allows a singer to have a big, open sound without having to push or use tension. Learning how to take advantage of resonance is key in when developing yourself as a singer. Learn more in this video.

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43 thoughts on “How to Sing Louder Effortlessly”

  1. It’s been a long time I’m not putting my attention into singing. I’m now
    singing worst than what I was before. I remember myself singing
    effortlessly before. I now sing nervously. My voice is shaky unlike before.
    I don’t know why. I’m automatically making it. I think I lost my head voice
    that’s why I cannot hit the notes quite well. And I know to myself that I’m
    making the tones flat. But, I guess… it’s just a matter of practice. I
    would be so glad if I make it successful.

  2. This video just changed my life! I always tense up my throat and it strains
    my voice. I also pull my tongue back a lot! lol <3 Thank you!

  3. I’m basically a countertenor, a guy with a high voice, and my voice sounds
    cartoony and i don’t like the way i pronounce my consonants, they sound
    messy, and my voice is either soft or tense, and not even the cool kind of
    tense, it just sounds confused and unsure. i love Gerard Way’s voice and i
    wonder if its a combination of him having a lower speaking voice than me
    and him also having a higher range and stronger voice that makes his A4
    sound so much more powerful than mine.

  4. I’ve never understood the head thing. Visualization? Are any physical
    changes to the way your voice sounds actually made by simply pretending
    that something is happening a certain way?

  5. Do you think spirituality (to see beyond our minds, egos) greatly
    influences the capabilities of the singer? We feel people’s vibe through
    their voices.

  6. I have moved to several people to help me with my voice. But with no
    results.. Can you please help me ? I am seriously on the verge of almost
    giving it… Sometimes by voice sounds so beautiful that I think of opting
    a playback as my carrier.. However, most of the time it is hoarse and
    nasal.. My head, nose and the neck muscles starts to create pressure.. Can
    you Please suggest me what to do?? Plz,,,,

  7. Alexander Bayley

    wow learning how to sing proper seems much difficult than I thought.
    always wanted to sing loud, stronger and hit each not proper but never knew
    how to. been told am alright at singing but don’t know how exactly to
    improve :'(

  8. Erin Christie

    I always move my tongue toward the back of my throat when I sing and I
    always felt more of a strain in my throat. I didn’t even realise I was
    doing it wrong until I watched this video. Singing out is one of the main
    problems for me, especially when singing higher notes. I can hear a big
    difference in volume now, thank you.

  9. Dea Adelina Taseva

    GUYS… Worlds most stupid reason I do this…. A girl in school has a
    Higher Voice THAN ME! And my Crush has a Crush on her… I SHALL MAKE MY

  10. Dea Adelina Taseva

    GUYS… Worlds most stupid reason I do this…. A girl in school has a
    Higher Voice THAN ME! And my Crush has a Crush on her… I SHALL MAKE MY

  11. MyristicMystic

    My experience is that loudness is actually a big problem for beginners,
    because hardly any of them are going to sing acoustically, and there is no
    need for loudness with a microphone. In fact, being too loud with a mic is
    a much bigger problem than being too soft. With a mic, you have to be aware
    of what it’s going to pick up, such as when you take a breathe (though a
    lot of singers don’t seem to care about that, despite the end result).
    Instead, I focus on “fullness,” though I don’t always want a full sound.
    Sometimes I want a muffled sound, such as if I were to sing “Young at
    Heart” or “Sentimental Journey.” Getting the full sound, for me, had to do
    with coordinating muscles in my throat (I’m not an anatomy expert so I
    don’t worry about what the names are) – it feels like my mouth widening
    (which is slight) is connected down to the lower throat area, if that helps
    anyone. You also should be sure to have good breath support and don’t force
    the sound. It will come over time if you do the right exercises or practice
    the appropriate songs (I noticed that it was proceeded by metallic quality
    – “squillo”). Give it a few months, I’d guess. There is a 7 second YT video
    of Pavarotti practicing – it’s called Luciano Pavarotti Vocalizing that
    provides an idea of what I am referring to.

  12. Hey Ken, just cuz u asked to a feedback after going through the exercise
    you told. So wanna tell that this was very helpful.

  13. Cole McDaniel

    Dean anyone sing well or do you have to be born with a good voice because I
    think you have to have a good natural voice to sing well not everyone can
    do it

  14. People tell me that I have a voice like Mitch grassi and I’m still scared
    of singing in front of ppl cause if I mess up (still going through puberty)
    and I’m trying to find the high note that my voice breaks and get passed
    that I’m almost done with it. Pray for me

  15. That microphone is like an optical illusion, I can’t tell if there is a
    normal sized microphone in front of you or a giant microphone in back of
    you! haha! Btw thank you for the singing tips they really help, keep up the
    good work! :)

  16. Whether you just want to learn a few songs, or if you want to sing like your heroes I can tailor the lessons to suit you!

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  18. A desktop piano keyboard that allows you to play notes and practice pitch control, also great for finding the correct key to a song.

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