How To Sing Long Notes Here are the two fundamental exercises (the breathing exercise and the actual technique exercise) to give you the control and muscle strength you need to be able to use your last bit of breath to sing a long note or phrase.


25 thoughts on “How To Sing Long Notes”

  1. Thank you very much. Especially the “Ha” excercise I find very useful. It
    reminds me of my yoga practise too :-)

  2. I have a solo and I’m having trouble of holding my note I really think this
    will help me I’m going to try this thank you so much for your help!!!!~_•

  3. Hi I just want to say that, I have always wanted to sing. I do however know
    how to get my notes from very low to very high. The problem is the once I
    get close to the top of my highest note I can’t seem to hold that and it
    becomes skaterd. It is very discuraging, how can you help me with this.

  4. One thing I missed telling you is I have very big lungs, and I can let the
    air out very little at a time for a very long time.
    How does this sound as far as having the potencial to better my chance’s of
    carring this to haveing a great voice?

  5. Singing & Music Course Reviews

    I’ve received lots of questions about holding the long notes. Rowan, your
    video answers the challenge nicely! Thanks! – Bob

  6. This is a good start, I went to the website to see if there was a follow up
    lesson on the actual singing but it seems to be some sort of shopping site.
    I see that the original video was posted in 2012. Is the site still active

  7. Davide Ferrario

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    Singer Blog (just google it) without a doubt the most helpful idea that
    I’ve tried.

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