How To Sing: Long Long Way From Home – Foreigner cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Learn how baritones can bring their voices up into the tenor range on great rock and pop vocals! Smule singers, learn the techniques that will make your vocals fly like an eagle!

Long Long Way From Home – Foreigner (cover) – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin demonstrates the singing style of Lou Gramm from Foreigner with “Long Long Way From Home.”

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73 thoughts on “How To Sing: Long Long Way From Home – Foreigner cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. Celso Eduardo Soares Dimov

    Used to listen to this song on my car rides, singing together when I was afraid of falling asleep of tiredness. Great energy song and amazing cover, great job!

  2. You ROCKED it out, Ken! I’ve attempted this song before and it turned out to be a LOT more difficult than I thought it was gonna be. The line that always gives me trouble is the one that goes “I hope we’ll be here when they’re through with us.” You nailed it & I love the long note you did at 2:06 ! Great attitude and phrasing. Awesome job, man!

  3. HEY Ken,聽 I really enjoy listening to you sing and just love ur YouTube site. I don’t know if you take request, but i聽would love to hear some “Styx” if possible…..聽 Thanks again and keep-on Rocking!!!

  4. Bobcat Stillwell

    Awesome, I grew up listening to this stuff. Lou Gramm has a very interesting story with losing his voice after the brain tumor. Lou strikes me as a very nice humble guy who has lived through it all.

  5. It’s obvious that you like Lou Gramm a lot, you sound so much like him. If I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was listening to Foreigner… amazing.

  6. Hi Ken..have a quick question. Are you a fan of Triumph or Mahogany Rush? I was very influenced by the likes of them as well as King Crimson and Robin Trower. Definitely influenced by Ian Anderson of my axe is a flute. I would love to hear your major influences …as well as Foreigner. By. the way..I 馃挊 their ” Woman in Black” 馃檪

  7. Man after listening to you, I checked the original and believe me you made me rock more. amazing work you are doing congratulations !!!

  8. Ken…just wanted to let you know that two Nurse co-workers are interested in your Academy….totally cool! 馃槈

  9. Ken, I love your take on this song!!! Have always love Foreigner, and as bizarre as it sounds, hope to purchase your course as soon as my Cub Cadet Tractor is paid off. My hobbies are largely self-supporting. Keep them off-budget so don’t have to ask the wife…

  10. Foreigner is amazing! Can you do tooth and nail? I like the angry “don’t mess with my girl” tone that Lou puts in that song.

  11. 讗讬讬专讜谉 讙专讬讬

    Ken…lou gramm is fantastic…i think the best metal voice i ever heard…and this song..i think it is a little bit hard to sing..for every one .but lou gramm do it the god..what a band!!

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      No doubt about it, purple, Lou Gramm sang Foriegner songs better than anyone, and that includes me! And yes, the band as a whole was incredible!

    1. Ronald Tartaglia

      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy you know I’m going to keep asking for circumstances by RUSH though. I’m so sad they are all done.

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Thank you so much, Jimtimpop! Lou is one of my favorites, and to be compared to him in any way is super-cool! Lou is one in a million!

  12. Artur Monticelli

    This is one of my favorites! This song demands a lot of endurance from the singer, hats off to you mr Tamplin, congrats!

  13. Makala Skalsky

    *Wow This Kicked Ass Ken !.. & I Truly Believe That If Foreigner Witnessed This, You Would Or Should Be Their New Current Vocalist And Lou’s Replacement !!!!*

    1. Makala Skalsky

      *You are very ”welcome” Ken and you seriously have shown me that there is still hope for rock and roll to make a much needed come back… Keep rockin em’ man ! … Love your voice and your high end range is impressive to say the least !!!*

  14. Shauna Marie Sings

    **WOOOOHOOO…that was SO AWESOME, KEN!!!** Paul from Seattle (in the chat room during the Live Stream today) shouted out to go watch this video…and he was right… **YOU TOALLY ROCKED IT!!!!** 馃挆馃挆馃挆

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