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27 thoughts on “HOW TO SING LIKE VIC FUENTES (PART 2)”

  1. i love these vids they are so helpful. btw do you know how i could be able
    to scream like bert mccracken of the used, its something ive always wanted
    to do but ive been doing growls and false cords for awhile so now when i
    try to yell or scream for some reason it always turns into a deep growl

  2. A lot of your videos helped me learn ways to get some more power from my
    high notes and not sound so breathy, but what should I do if I want to get
    a lighter breathy sound or use my falsetto sort of like Tilian Pearson does
    sometimes? Also could you maybe do a video on how to sing like older
    post-hardcore vocalist like Cedric Bixler? Thanks a bunch.

  3. Do you know how to do screams bc i see you know about vic and i was
    wondering could you find out how to scream like gerard way in vampites will
    never hurt you particularly at a wembly concert (he has red hair then) but
    any version of the scream in the song would be nice

  4. I really enjoy your videos man! If you get the chance to get around to it
    you should do a video on Mark Foster’s voice

  5. You would actually deserve to get all the views those self-titled pro
    teachers on youtoube are getting. Thanks for all your good stuff.

  6. The whole visualizing your throat being more open seriously helps! for some
    reason I didn’t think it would but today i was like well why not try? So i
    tried it and it helped get rid of a LOT of tension and made my throat and
    everything more relaxed &made it easier to hit higher notes & things just
    sound better now so yeah cx

  7. Joël Hounsinou

    Thanks a lot for these helpful videos ! I’m actually trying to get a grasp
    on how to keep a consisten vocal placement through my whole range using
    pharyngeal. Not easy. Especially that I experience a troublesome break at
    like C4. I believe it’s not the break bridging to head voice at E F F#, but
    just an early break because of some shift in resonance while still being in
    chest. Do you happen to know how I can get past this obstacle ?

  8. i used to be able to hit all these notes with out a problem but a few
    months ago I got in an accident and I lost my voice and i’ve been trying to
    build it p since then, and your vids have helped a lot, so I’ve got it down
    the sound and singing in the mask might take a few weeks for me to get
    down, but parts like “try to wash you down” my voice forces itself back
    down to a low range, is there anything I can do to fix that, I can sing low
    and mid octaves fine.

  9. I have to deeply thank you. Im struggling for over 3 years about the fact
    that I dont sound good, that my voice sounds dumb and boring, that I don’t
    hit the notes and stuff…
    And now, just after watching two videos, all these problems are gone.
    Okay, I have to admit, I actually improved very well over the past 3 years,
    but there was just that little something missing. I now seem to have a
    quite powerful, good sounding voice, finally. I just have to get used to it
    now and will probably upload something. :D

  10. PLEASE DO a how to sing like TOM DELONGE! Part 1 can be his pre break up
    voice. And then part 2 can be his Ava voice :D

  11. Korde Gardner

    please do a screaming tutorial for Vic because I can scream like him and
    Jaime right row but it hurts my throat when I do it and I want to know the
    way they do it

  12. Jakob Cheatham

    This is literally the most beautifully helpful thing I have ever watched
    you don’t even know how thankful I am for this I can finally branch out on
    my own music and in my YouTube channel 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH

  13. Ludwig Scultz

    I learned how to sing like Vic on my own. Just by constantly listening to
    their music for years. I’m a girl vic fuentes!

  14. Nicholas Cooper

    Isobel: I was most excited about people I knew seeing it, actually, because then I knew it would put an end to lots of difficult conversations that we were having to have all the time about these kinds of things.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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