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  1. Singing is not really a born with talent,singing is another emotion of expression a desire with harmony.its who you admire through the years that triggers the desire to be a singer,the same goes for instrument players,it’s a desire to learn what you want to play and to master it as a art,and perhaps a professional career.

  2. howmanymoretimes25

    Very interesting, have you ever heard get the led out? Probably one of the best zepp cover bands out there the lead singer captures plants kind of essence very well he’s very good at kind of combining his head voice and chest voice especially with songs with those crazy notes like the one in the beginning of how many more times or since I’ve been loving you. I like your channel you seem very diverse in your style and teaching!

  3. Paul’s amazing… Especially the 80’s stuff, which is his vocal prime! “Heaven’s on Fire”, “I Still Love You”, “Crazy, Crazy Nights”, “I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You”…

  4. Fantastic Ken! About 25 years ago (wow), I had instruction from Elizabeth Sabine in Los Angeles (Not sure if you know who she was; but she was very popular with up & coming vocalists on the LA original Rock scene of the 80’s). Anyway, I’d been having trouble staying “connected” as I was laying down some vox the past few days, and began getting frustrated. I came across your videos by sheer chance and you gave me the inspiration I needed; I feel reconnected, and the vox are back. Thanks!!!!

  5. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Yes I too was suckered by Elizabeth to whine like a baby with her weird video she made everyone watch. I learned NOTHING from her.

  6. Andrés Eduardo Valdez

    What were his mistakes? i tought it had to do with how much he smoked, taking into account that during the page & plant era he could hit some of the high notes he couldn’t during the late led zepppelin years, and plant himself said that he stopped smoking around that time.
    P.S. Was plant a natural countertenor, or he used Falsetto/head voice?

  7. yes yes..hes re more baritone..who can sing in whatever mode he wants, best voice i say baritone who can go pretty much higher..awesome job ken..i learn a lot from your videos..dont have money for lessons..but for videos i can see..i will really if you can..make a video..of how to sing like george michael 🙂

  8. Very interesting vid Ken, and very informative. I know you are quite busy but would you be getting around to doing a vid about or related to Geddy Lee’s vocal style?

  9. How to Sing like Robert Plant – Led Zeppelin part 2!! Talk about some rockin’ vocals!!! Ken Tamplin’s How to Sing Better than Anyone Else vocal lessons will send your high notes into the stratosphere!  Watch the video vocal lesson later in this clip.  Great free tips on how to sing like Robert Plant.  Check out Ken’s Vocal Forums at  or go to for more information.

  10. if you listen to robert plant carefully,he doesnt have any thickness in his vocal,he doesnt use too much of power,he sings with thinnest n highest frequency with no room for low mids or low seems as if he screams with all his power but actually he is just using vocal techniques,he is totally relaxed.axl did the same in studio but not in live situations thats why there is a vast difference in his studio singing n live singing

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...