How To Sing Like | Paul McCartney Vocal Technique | Coming Soon!

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How To Sing Like | Paul McCartney Vocal Techniques video tutorial by Galeazzo Frudua coming soon!

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43 thoughts on “How To Sing Like | Paul McCartney Vocal Technique | Coming Soon!”

  1. Please post this video is very helpfull and there will be great another one
    with the lennon vocal technics, thanks!!!!

  2. Great. I’d love to be able to sing like Paul ( and pitch like Sandy
    Koufax, and hit like Willie Mays, and play guitar like Carlos Santana, and
    quarterback like Peyton Manning, and write like Charles Dickens ) but it’s
    just not going to happen. But I’m still looking forward to the video

  3. Oh my! Can’t wait!! I’ve been waiting for a video about this for ages, I
    really want to know how he can get so high and those rocky tones

  4. It’s impossible because their voice type is completely different.
    and Paul has a magical voice. Not ordinary voice. Why don’t we do it in the
    road. I will. Think for you self. I want to hold your hand. No one can use
    many different kind of voice like a Paul.

  5. PandaThiefChannel

    Love your videos Mr. Frudua! This is really amazing stuff. I’ve been
    working on vocals for almost 6 years now, professional teachers and all,
    and I’m at my ends wit…I really want to see this video to know how
    McCartney does his stuff! But I also had a question about singing like
    Macca and Lennon in general. Where do you focus the voice? Do you sing from
    the throat? From the chest? From the back of the throat utilizing
    pharyngeal (nasal) resonance? Where is the tone originated? Deep breaths
    from the chest, with articulation at the very back of the tongue/soft
    palette? I’m going crazy trying to figure it out… 🙁 please help when you

  6. Simply amazing! Macca was definetely the best singer in the band you’ve
    captured his vocals with perfection! 

  7. Angel Lopez Alvarez

    excellent voice yours , congratulations on this great voice , where is the
    video of the technique

  8. Amazing impersonations, especially considering how technical and versatile
    Paul is. Still looking forward to the video…

  9. antonio di maggio

    Galeazzo aspetto questo video da tantissimo tempo, da un anno passo di
    tanto in tanto per controllare se sia uscito ma ogni volta niente… Ma
    sono fiducioso! E comunque complimenti per l’incredibile lavoro che fai e,
    spero, continuerai a fare! Un bacione

  10. For example I have a 4 octave range, but I find it most comfortable to sing between C4 down to C3, I feel like I could sing there all day, this is my tessitura area, so any song I sing with the bulk of the melody notes in that area would be, for me, very easy, even though I can sing in any key.

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